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hello, looking for a bit of advice if anyone could shed some light. With all the qualifications that are available now I have no idea where mine stand and what I should look to do.

I completed the c&g 2330 level 2 and 3 at college age, but on full time not apprenticeship so no nvq. Also got c&g 2377.

Have worked doing various electrical jobs over the years but recently been working as an industrial electrician for three years.

I’m looking too top my qualifications up and would like to know what route i’d need to take to be regarded as a fully qualified electrician in

1. Domestic setting
2. Industrial setting.

I believe from what I can make out 18th edition is required for both but an AM2 test would also be needed for the domestic setting

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated
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Hi thanks for the reply. I’m presuming you are referring purely to the domestic aspect there? Also should state when I say industrial I don’t mean carrying out full installations more repairs on three phase and single phase control systems, automation, plc and relay logic. So not sure if the inspection and testing of fixed installations would be suitable?
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That looks more applicable to what I do currently. So if I was to undertake the 2356 I’d be classed as fully qualified? Is there any legal obligation to have any of these qualifications or is it all just to help prove competence should an accident happen?


Yes, the 2356 would make you "fully qualified ".

No there is no legal obligation to have any qualifications as far as I'm aware.

It's worth doing the NVQ3 though as you would then be eligible for a JIB (ECS) Gold card which would make you more desirable should you ever look for other work as an electrician.
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That’s great thanks for the information.

Is there any requirements to sit the course for the 18th edition or can I just sit the exam? Some websites state that if you haven't say 17th edition you’d need to sit full three day course, but I have covered the regs book 17th edition pretty heavily and have it all labelled up, and just bought an 18th edition book and labelled that up so after sitting the free simulator for a while I’d be pretty confident in just sitting the exam.


Anyone can take the exam only option. You just need to find a provider that will facilitate.
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ok so just about completed everything now. was wondering if there was any reccomendations for somewhere that provided HND's in the same assesment format, fully online.


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