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luke teague

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I changed a socket cover today, when i tested the circuit, i could not take any zs and the meter showed earth fault and reverse polarity. the voltage was 0nly 180v on that circuit as well. I have been round the whole house looking at all the sockets most of the installation is crapy. wires twisted together then 1mm feed from that.
i replaced anything that looked or was dangerous but still never found the fault as didn't have enough time.
I warned the customer that the fault is there and they would never of known unless i told them but it is in need attention asap.
the board is well old and the suppliers earthing is total ****, tails looked only 10mm.
What else can i do other than advise them?
any ideas on the fault?
Am i overlooking something?
got to go back there when they return from holiday i recommended a rewire because of the rubbish wiring i uncovered.
i hate telling clients the bad news get worried they think im tryin to con them,
what would you guys normally do!
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rewire or walk away.;)
rewire or walk away.;)
I second that. If the installation is as bad as you say then you are pi$$ing in the wind trying to put it right. Its better to tell clients bad news and let them decide whether they want to pay for a proper rewire, rather than get yourself deeper and deeper into grief trying to save them money.


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it is probably a reversed polarity and a neutral fault? however start from basics. TESTING the ring end to end etc.insulation test-if everything ok then it could possibly be your new socket front.
do you get a zs from any other socket or cooker/lighting etc. what reading eas the ze - what system was it.

luke teague

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there kitchen ring is fine, couldn't get zs cos of noise on circuit.
the rest of the sockets in the house are on the same ring, the ring with the problem! tryed testing at different outlets got the same thing on that ring.
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