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I am currently only several months into my Level 2 so i am not all that experienced.

I have a bar that consists of spotlights that has had to be taken down from the kitchen as it was about to fall off ( dodgy Plastering )

I want to put a battern holder up there but the cables are just not long enough to terminate into the holder.

So ideally i am going to need to extend the cable cant replace as it is not possible to locate cable back to the supply.

How do i extend the cable I was thinking of using a 5 amp strip connector and running a small amount of 1.0mm twin and earth But is a strip connector the right item for the job.

Do i need a junction box if so which one?

Any help would be great .

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The correct way is to use crimps and reinsulate with shrink tubing. The other method as you suggest would be via connection box or "chock block in chock box", although as a screwed connection method this would have to be accessible for inspection in accordance with the 17th ed.
Hope this helps


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i would normaly say crimp the cables to extend but recently ive been using wago's

fantastic things, small easy to use saves time and no need to be accessible for testing purposes because there maintanance free

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