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I'm new to the forum. I work for a FM company that provides cover for one of the big Supermarkets. The firm has various trades eg Sparks like me, fridge engineers, HVAC, alarm and CCTV. The sparks in the area that I cover have been talking about joining the union because of the amount changes the company are forcing on us with little or no warning. One of the longer term guys chipped in and said he tried approaching the union about us joining a few years back. But was told that a certain percentage of the staff would have to join before they would represent us. But the problem then as it is now is that the firm also employs all the cleaning staff for the supermarket .

Just wondering if we have any AEEU members or staff that use the forum that could shed some light on this for me.

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Our union is called Unite now.

There are lots of forum members that are members of Unite. Either try A forum search or Google Unite and you should find all the info you need.


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Well when I was 16 i joint the EETPU basically the electricians and plumbers union run buy a communist Frank Chapple but the were more interested in selling you cheap insurance plus as your mate said they are more interested in representing a group rather than an individual I found this to my cost 29 years ago for blatant wrongful dismissal and they were not interested so I ripped up my union card in February and then you had to pay a full years membership in January I thought that was wrong then as I do now the union is meant to be for all. Best thing to do is take a straw pole who is going to join and then interview the said unions with the proviso that they must help an individual because if this happens then the company will think twice about pulling the same stunt on someone else.

Also just to add Frank Chapple took a Lordship and got his 2 sons high ranking jobs with the union says a lot for a man who said he was a committed union man


I work for an FM company doing supermarkets, not Asda like you.
I'm in Unite, they will represent you as an individual or a small group.


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Unite it is then, thanks for the correction. And who mentioned Asda?

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