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just priced a an extension tonight which consists of changing a cu.adding 2 smokes, 2 heat alarms, 3 points for wm/td/dw, 12 double sockets between 3 rooms. 3 fans. lighting for each consisting of flouesent fitting 4 x 6ft or pendants x 4 , two outside lights and switches and house fully tested
and a double socket outside
£1800 and they guy said he quoted £800 already/...
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dont worry about it. Tel the chap to let the other person do the job as it cannot be done for that. Point out to him that you are a qualified tradesman and you will not be doing the job for nothing.


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i have done few jobs recently , tho gained good experience of pricing and organising the job myself, i have made little profit so i know already to let him crack on and let humpty numpty do the electrical works.. and i wont be running round like headless chicken.. but 800 all in, he must have the materials sitting in garage and willing to donate them..
If you do get it, I would test the house first. Espically if changing a re-wireable CU to an RCD one. Then that way if anything pops up, you are one step ahead.
What about bonding etc?


The £800 must be labour only....unless it's lottery funded :lol:


Ask to see this quote for £800! Say you'll have a look at it to see if you can match it or even beat it. Pound to a penny he can't produce it!

£1800 doesn't sound ott to me considering the time wasted for 1st fix and 2nd fix, back and forward, while the builder gets his act together!
Guy probably isn't registered and will disappear before any paperwork is issued. Seen it all too often. Then the customer will want you to come in and do an EICR for LBC....


If it's anything like around here the '£800 geezer' probably quoted over the phone without even seeing plans/the job and will add extra's at the end to cover the hassle's of doing the job.

I usualy tell the 'potential' customer that if they go with the other quote to makesure they sit down before the work starts and make a list so both of them know what's being done for that price...signed by all involved. I do this in the hope that 'Mr £800' will soon run out of funds quickly stopping them doing this sort of crap.

After buying all materials £800 (bargain bucket materials) doesn't leave alot for labour cost.....maybe the guy use's an old butchers bike to save vehicle costs aswell.
Just finished a job I estimated would take 2 days. A few problems under the floorboards resulted in it taking me 2.5 days, but hey-ho, I stuck to the quote.
Other quote she got was for half a day!
Luckily the lady correctly thought this was too cheap and went with me. I can only assume that the other guy would have added extras at the end.

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