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I have done two jobs recently and both times they have both said WOW how cheap.. so im guessing im quoting too little - How much would you guys roughly charge for these two jobs (With the details given) both down in surrey

Job 1.

Install Alarm with 2 Sensors and a Door Sensor + bellbox + keypad - Involved taking up a few floorboards upstairs to wire for sensors, involved just taking cable up into loft up cupboards all way up and keypad is just other side of panel - Spur next to panel fed from sockets.

Install 3 outside lights with switch - wiring outside approx 5meters between lights and switch aswell like O ----5m---- O ----5m---- O ----5m----SW

Extend 2 x sky cables 50meters on outside of house, drill through to back of TV

Job 2.

Wire an external SHED

Mainsboard in house needs Crabtree RCBO, take 6mm 3-core armoured up through boxing (Drilled outside) and clipped outside along wooden fence wall, up back of shed and inside shed (Shed about 30cm from fence). To a 3 way consumer unit.. Out of consumer unit to 5 double sockets needing surface back boxes

Sockets length about 10 meters total cable length
Armoured length about 30 meters

Just a rough estimate plzz and ill tell you how much i quoted and did the jobs for i thought i made enough so was happy but just wondering if im way too cheap and can make a little extra cash.


I quoted exactly what you said telectrix, £500 for job 1 and £400 for job 2 maybe im quoting ok then lol


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that's not bad, then. but that's a lowish estimate. should maybe add a bit on top for unforseen snags. i generally use hybrid alarms. wireless detectors with just the bell and keypad hard wired.

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