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Hi all,
I would like to install Mercedes Electrical seats into another car. The donor is a W215 CL. The seats are electric, Memory, Heating and Vibration.

I am mainly after the Electric adjustments working. Heating and Vibration are a bonus.

Can these seats be wired into any other car on their own (i.e, unplug, weld mounts, wire Electrical supply into seats) without needing associated ECUs and Bodycontrol stuff etc being dragged in?

Many Thanks


I'm not a sparky. But I would imagine you would need some of the bits from behind the dash. It won't be the ECU you need. Those mercs have half a dozen computers in them behind the dash. Follow the wires when you pull it out, if the old car can be trashed a bit just pull everything apart until you find the controller units.

That said, a Merc forum may be wiser than ours.

Although I'd be interested to see if any of our lads can answer.
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Thank you mate. I would be terrified of any more electrics than contained in the seats. Perhaps I should wind my neck in and go full-luddite manual


Advent Win
As well as everything else the seat has a pre tensioner that activates the air bag , then you will have the problem of of pairing the controls to the host car. It will be a can of worms in my opinion.. If you can get direct access to the control motors you may be able to rig your own control system , but there again you will have to know what you are doing.
Dan is correct , the system is very complicated .


buy a mercedes then.


I suppose a lot depends on what vehicle they are going in to.

If it is pre-safety extras,and your insurance don't mind....all you would need,is a basic loom and some auto-reset relays,for when you reach the limits.

Done plenty of projects,using seat motors and gearing....ideal for angling multi-light bars,clay traps and electric steps,on motor homes :)

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A lot will depend from where the functions are controlled from.
If the controls are on the seat, then it is likely there is just a simple supply to those controls.
If the functions are controlled from the dash or door, then there will be a loom from those controls to the seat.
It may be possible to adapt dash or door controls and wiring to fit another car, but it would be quite a bit of work.
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Ooh that was a great bit of overnight knowledge! Thanks.

It is going into a classic Merc (60s). So the classic electrics are simple.

I will have a look at auto reset relays. Almost all the electronic move-y bits seem to be under the seats.

BUT - on further checks, the seat controls are on the door. I will now have a look at the wiring to see if the wires "stop off" at one of the BCM units or similar on the way from the door to the seats.

I really appreciate your time and knowledge in this. I fear more questions as I go along - like mating the ancient analogue clocks to the newer pulses of a Lexus LS400 V8 Engine......"DONT LEAVE MEEEEEEEE!"
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Reply to Amateur Q: Grafting Merc Electric Seats into another vehicle in the Auto Electrician Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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