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Hi All,
I'm a newby to the forum & am hoping to get some help from other members that are 'au fait' with the 17th edition regulations &/or Amtech Power Software.
My problem relates to the errors received after designing a domestic board. The calculations are bringing up a requirement for 15kA rated CPD's so as to be greater than the calculated PSCC of approx. 13kA.
Why would the value of the PSCC be so high in this case for a TN system?
How is it possible to reduce the PSCC so that the use of standard 6kA or even 10kA rated CPD's could be employed?
I beleive that I have tried everything within the constraints of the software but to no avail, so far.
Any help would be appreciated.
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well employing ohms law to the problem..
assuming nominal voltage of 230v.. to return your calcualted pscc of 13KA
would be 230 divided by 13000 = 0.018 ohms

so to bring pscc down would require larger number for the resistance.

what numbers is the software using and where is it getting them from..?
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I can't help you at all as I have never used Amtech. Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the software and where from?
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Hi bcm spark,
I bought the 16th Edition software in 2006 & received the new 17th Edition software last year. I think it initially cost our Company in the region of £1000.00 but to receive updates & the new software you have to pay a monthly fee for the PremierCare which was initially about £50.00 per month but is now around £65.00 per month.
For your information, I think the software is pretty powerful but have attended a couple of the day courses to hone my skills as we do not have an I.T department or anybody else within the Company who is able to use it!
I hope that this helps. :)
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Thanks for your reply.
You inspired me to revisit the software & look at the options it gave me & the values I had inserted with relation to the supply. The only values I had not really played with was the REC Supply Fault Level Calculator, as there were only 2 items to change - the size & length of the supply cables. What I didnt realise is that the length needed to be to the Elec Board cut out switch (which wasnt really clear).
So increasing the length of the supply cable which in turn will increase the resistance therefore reducing the PSCC. I just need to know for sure where the REC cut out switch is!

Once again, Thanks :)



your welcome.!
it was a bit of a stab in the dark to be honest, not knowing the software...
sometimes though another pair of eyes on the problem can help i guess.
good luck with the rest of it.

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