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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself! I've just started 're-training' to become an electrician after almost 10 years stuck in the office. Should have done it years ago but such as circumstances were at the time I didn't have the opportunity to do so.

I started a home/distance learning course through the skills centre, you know the type, £5K, lots of home study followed by the practical stuff at the end of each module. :( I've just done the first modules practical session and the one thing I've taken from it, and from researching a few things around the interweb, is that when I've finished the course I may be able to call myself a domestic installer but I certainly wont be able to go straight out to work.

As such I have started bashing out CV's to agencies and the like looking for work as someones mate, and applied for any suitable jobs that have been coming up. I've had a few 'no thank yous' so far but I have managed to get an interview for a jointers mate!! This was the route I wanted to take after a few years of domestic stuff but they are offering full training to become a jointer if they are happy with my work after a trial period.

Been lurking around the forum for a while now and there seems to be loads of good info and constructive critiscism so please hit me with your best shot!!

So, wish me luck with my interview, even if I dont get it, it will be a good to go through the experience of an interview as its been so long since I had one!!

Cheers guys n gals,



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Hello mark and welcome.....good luck....let us know how it goes...
hiya mark, welcome to the forum, any questions at all please PM me or one of the admins
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