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Any of you guys bikers??

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alright guys as title reads any of you bikers? will be doing my cbt (again) for a 125cc start of spring and am looking as we speak for a 125cc, ive ridden motorbikes all my life but not recently but now i have the money and room im in the market for a 125.

any recommendations from previous experience? ive ridden a yamaha ybr,honda cg , yamaha tzr 125, dr 125 and many many scramblers etc etc

plan is just to do a cbt then theory and licence within the two years not direct access so will be restricted to 25kw of power whatever that is im more familiar with the 33 bhp restriction for two years untill i can ride any bike i want

any recommendations for 125s? any bikers on here~?


I had a CBR125 to learn on and now have a cbr1000rr. I love Honda loads. The CBR125 is a good bike and very reliable. I did the same 33BHP for 2 years on a restrictedish SV650. Also a good first big bike.


just been looking at a honda cbf 125 looks nice will do untill i do my test like and as always the reliability of honda is great

big danny

i done direct access 4 years ago and never looked back mate, 4 day course, never been on a bike before. cbt on the monday, then tuesday, wednesday training on a 600, driving test on the thursday(passed) friday went and bought a cbr 600, had that a year then bought an r1. happy days. love biking. done track days, been to ron haslams race shool at donnington park and i go to ireland with the boys every year for the road racing and a wee bevvy of course for 5 days, yi cany beat it.

as for 125s, i couldnt have one, im 6ft 5 right enough. but for advice then all i can say is the big manufacturers honda, yamaha etc are pretty bullet proof at all sizes but it really comes down to what style of bike you are comfortable with, im a sport bike boy so im not comfy on tourers etc, so no point in you buying a sport bike style when your comfy on touring style bikes etc.

decide what style you like and go get some test rides at dealerships to decide what your after.
most important thing i was told when i was starting to bike was "IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT THEN BUY THE MORE EXPENSIVE HELMETS, JACKET, TROUSERS, BOOTS, GLOVES" as it may just save your life one day so i always stick to that principle.

hope this has helped you out, and good luck mate

D Skelton

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My first ever 125 was brank spanking new Yamaha SR 125. It was a lovely ride and did me for over a year until I got my full licence. I also had a Gilera Runner 125 Scooter for about a month. Very cool, very quick! and very cheap to buy and run if scooters are your thing? I've also owned a KTM supermoto 125, I would rate this as by far the best of the 125's I've owned in terms of speed, thrill and coolness. It will easily beat any supercar off the line up to about 60mph but then thats about as fast as it will go. Mind you, it did have a racing gear box. The downside with KTM's is that when they go wrong, which they inevitably will, a lot, they are pricey to maintain!

To be honest, I'm not a fan of these 125 superbike replicas as you can tell what they really are a mile away. The real thing is much better :D If you're gonna get a 125, get one that looks like it's meant to be a 125!
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Here's me on my 4th GSXR, this is the 750 K2.... Not been on it for a while, busy with work and the kids



Only one 125 to have as far as i'm concerned......

My first was a honda CB125 twin.


nice bikes guys, ive ridden allsorts of bikes but not sure about the style yet tbh ridden trail bikes (road legal scrambles) ridden the racing replica 125s but they look alright from the side but then from the front the width just looks wrong the skinny tyres etc the best 125 i rode was the yamaha tzr 125 1988 pre-restriction days had a strange gear box mind (5 up rather than 1 down 4 up) but it would do a 100 and the power bands were scary lol not sure what to get guys leaning towards the direct access now so i can get myself a HD sportster not really into the racing bikes just like to ride cnat even explain how much i miss riding been literally riding motorbikes since i was a little kid

will have to have a think boys


Here's me on my 4th GSXR, this is the 750 K2.... Not been on it for a while, busy with work and the kids

and the weather, thats the one thing i dont miss is the cold morning winter rides, not nice lol


Only ridden them as pillion.
Rewires, I’ve done seven to date. BSA, Triumph and BMW. Making the looms is fun.
Getting your mate to jump on the starter of a bike that hadn’t run for 20 years is magic. It’s older than me, it fired the first time (better than me).
I was on planet Spongle. PS I rebuilt the gearbox and the clutch for the BSA (under instruction (your never to old to learn)).
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