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Just wondering if anybody has done any Electrical courses with Plastering course | Plumbing course | Bricklaying course | Construction Training | Carpentry courses | Tiling courses | Electrician Courses | DIY Skills At the moment i'm looking into re-training as a sparky i was all set to do the 15week Domestic Electrician - Installation, Testing & Verification (Level 3) course with City and Guilds Gas Courses, Plumbing Courses, Electrical Courses and Renewable Energy Training but after reading a few threads have decided it would not be such a good idea.
So i am now looking at doing a City & Guilds 2330 Electro Technical Level 2 qualification full time over 1 year at college. Able skills say they can provide the same course in 10 weeks over a 20 week period (2 weeks on / 2 weeks off) at the price off £3995. Is it feasible to do it it in this short time frame, seems like alot to fit in to me?

that never posted correct unless i'm not aloud to write company websites, fit in able skills co uk in the first line and met uk in the second line
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I'm in the same boat, I was thinking of doing a course with OLCI Construction Training, its £1090 for part 2 and 3 but does not include any practical or exams and its home study so if anyone has any idea where I can do the practical and exams I would appreciate your help as well


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Sorry I know that this is an old thread but I have also lookedat both companies and was wondering what happened? Did you go with thesecompanies if so how was it. If not why?

Many thanks


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Able skills , brill there next wk for 17th edition , you wont regret ....i didnt'


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looked at a few different options before i went with olci cos they had a centre close by to me. really happy with it, practicals were good, helped that the tutors were nice blokes as well. finished in one and a half year! my advise, go and check out the centres and find out from them if they match up to what you want quals wise.


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Currently studying with able skills and all is going well. Olci were far to pushy imo. Also home study would not have worked for me


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didnt want to do home study either, you just got to do your homework before you go in for the practicals, just make sure you have done your theory before hand. could get the course done faster cos then at the centre your doing whats important...getting your hands dirty rather than sit with your head in a book. made sense to me
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