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Hi guys, just wondered if any of you guys have forked out for the IET wiring regs package in digital?
Currently sick of lugging a couple of trees around in my van would love to compress all that onto an iPad or something, have any of you done this yet?



ohhhh might buy them ... then it gives me an excuse to buy a ipad!!! :) needed an excuse for a while now!!


Yeah but it would save me alot of room in the van, i think i could get another box of gear in there without those books!!
How many bloody boks to you carry ?
Surely onsite guide is all you need to carry with you , anything more complicated i wait till im at home to check up.


I bought the industrial package when it was on offer , it's worth it , with the licence yo can install it on two mobile devices I.e I pad and two laptops or desk tops, I would say that it is easier to read them on a iPad than it is on a laptop though but you can copy and past parts etc

Speak to Liz Liz Wooderson at the IET she is very helpful she will give you a free trial fully opertaive trial for I think it was 30 days


Call the IET up and they will send you a 30 day trial - I had it - really helpful.

With these books they are stored on the server and downloaded to your computer so even if you get a hardware failure you wont lose them.

Also try emailing Wooderson,Elizabeth [email protected]

She is the one that hands out the licences and activates everything - she also gave me a 40 day trial - very helpful
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