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Does anybody know of or seen any locking system which automatically locks at a certain time of the day?
For example, unlocks at 7am, locks at 5pm, with an overide switch if required?

I am trying to find some way of automatically locking doors without too much hassle, and nothing too complex!
If anybody has any ideas, i really do do with some help, as at the moment, i cant think of anything :(
Many thanks:)
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how about this...

I think it comes with a timer/programmer too..!

as far as switching is concerned, i guess you could use an electronic domestic central heating controler..!?

The "heat demand" would then control whatever it is locking your doors. Either some sort of solenoid, or idealy an electrical door lock integral with the door..?

I guess with a digital, hot water / central heating type controler you could "operate" 2 doors, and have 2 or more functional times for lock/unlock..

Biggest headache is probably the mechanism at the doors. However a quick google on "electric door locks" brought back lots of results..
this stuff seems okay Electric Door Locks - Ansador Security Systems UK

good luck if you wanting to fabricate something from scratch though..


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As a starting point, go to Google and set the option below the search box to "pages from the UK" and then enter

electronic time lock

The most relevant site that came up when I looked was:

The Electronic Lock Company makes electronic and electro-mechanical locks

Another way might be to buy a DIN rail mounted timer module (installed in the distribution board) and then connect it to one or more door strikes; I'm not sure what voltages the door strikes normally work at so you might need to connect the timer module to a step-down transformer first then connect all of the door strikes in parallel - keeping in mind the voltage drop issues as well. If it's just one or two doors that need it then some kind of programmable electronic door lock might have this kind of facility.

It might also be a good idea to point out that you need to make sure you know exactly what's going to happen if power is lost to the unit - such as in the event of a fire or power failure - to make sure that

1) the people inside aren't burnt to death because they can't get out or

2) the doors don't automatically open and thus let the local ne'er do-wells burglarise the place

Hope that helps,

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