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*As you enter the brightly lit kitchen you are pleasantly welcomed with the tantalising smells of rosemary, basil, cinnamon, marjoram and something else, oddly familiar yet not quite able to place your finger on it...*


Oh, excuse me! Welcome people to Bane and tony.towa's Cookbook Central! Come in, come in, don't be shy. Please leave your workboots at the door and make yourselves comfortable. You must be tired after such a hard day at work?

Well people, after so many brain storming discussions and some brain dead ones (usually started by me) I thought (well, tony had the idea, I just stole it) that something...Different, was called for.

After you've been slogging away all day zapping those cables (and yourselves) you need something to look forward to at home so, starting today I shall be posting some of my favourite recipes for you all to peruse.

If it's well received, Great! If not, oh well, not to worry!
Anyway, to start off with, something nice and simple.

Peanut Crusted Chicken with Dipping Sauce

You will need:

2 Garlic cloves (crushed)
1tsp Ginger
1tsp Lemon grass
2tbsp Fresh coriander (chopped)
200g salted peanuts
200g flour
2 eggs
4tbsp milk
4 chicken breasts

1) Pre-heat your oven.
2) Place your garlic, ginger, lemon grass, coriander, peanuts and 2tbsp of the flour into a blender and blend until finely ground.
3) Transfer to a shallow dish.

4) In a bowl, beat together the eggs and milk.
5) Spread the remaining flour on a plate.
6) Dip the chicken into the flour, then into the egg mixture and finally into the peanut mixture.
7) Arrange them into an oiled roasting tin.
8) Bake them in the oven for 15mins, turn over and cook for another 15mins.

Dipping Sauce:

1 Fresh red chilli, chopped finely
2 Garlic cloves, crushed
125ml white wine vinegar
2 tbsp Dark brown sugar

1) Throw it all in a pan and heat GENTLY until the sugar dissolves.
2) Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 mins.
3) Transfer to a bowl


Hope some of you try (and enjoy) this dish!
If there is any particular foods you want a recipe for, let me know!

*I really do need to find a job, quick!*
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Re: Bane and tony.towa's Cookbook Central!

next time my woman comes to dinner she can cook me that,
thanks bane


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Re: Bane and tony.towa's Cookbook Central!

Nice one Bane.

Anything special for pike?

Normaly just bake with butter,pinch of salt, pepper might chuck in some onion or chillies.
Got one in the freezer to cook up.
Re: Bane and tony.towa's Cookbook Central!

nice one bane, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----Tuna sandwich----

1.carefully tear open your loaf of bread
2.select 2 pieces of the finest slices
3.open tin of tune
4.add salt, pepper, chopped spring onion
5.spread inbetween 2 slices

.....but seriously, update us with the good recipes!!!!


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Most of my favorite recipes can be sampled by going to the nearest diner, sitting down at the counter, and ordering whatever is on special. :D

I eat lunch out at diners and restaurants nearly every day. I eat pretty much anything made out of food. I just order the "special" without any real idea of what the day's special might be. Sometimes I just tell the waitress to bring me "something". When I get home I just ask the wife what we're having for supper. Simple for me.

On the other hand, I can bar-b-que up some really good chicken. :p

In a squirt bottle, combine 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, tablespoon salt, tablespoon pepper. Keep shaken and squirt at frequent intervals on chicken while cooking on the grill.
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A nice easy one for people to start with and following the trout link.

Marinade two rainbow trout fillets in olive oil with three crushed and finely chopped cloves of garlic for two to four hours. Remove from marinade and spread the garlic over the pink side of the fillet.

Place pink side up on grill tray and put under a hot grill until the garlic is just toasting and the trout has just lightened in colour.

Serve with baby new potatoes and asparagus with a hollendaise sauce.

Serves two people.

After removing from marinade you can wrap the fillets individually in silver foil and put them on a barbeque for about four minutes (as long as the barbeque is lit) but make sure you put some of the marinade oil in the wrap aswell.:)


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Baked Trout with Orange (For EasyFox) Serves 2

You will need:

2 trout (cleaned)
4 Lrg Thyme sprigs
4 Lrg Parsley sprigs
125g Button mushrooms (sliced)
2 Shallots (chopped)
4 Tbsp white wine vinegar
Grated zest and juice of 1 orange
Salt and black pepper
Orange and Thyme to garnish

1) With a sharp knife, make 2 diagonal cuts through the skin and into the flesh on both sides of the trout

2) Strip the thyme and parsley leaves from their stalks.

3) In a bowl, combine the mushrooms, shallots, white wine vinegar, orange zest and juice, thyme and parsley leaves and salt and pepper to taste.

4) Reserve a quarter ( or whatever) of the mushroom/herb mixture to spoon over the stuffed trout

5) Stuff the trout with the remaining mushroom/herb mixture by holding the fish open, spooning in the mixture, then press firmly closed.

6) Arrange trout in a non-metallic baking dish and spoon over the reserved mushroom/herb mixture.

7) Cover and marinate in fridge for upto 4hrs (no more!)

8) Bake in a pre-heated oven for about 25mins at about 180C

9) Garnish with orange and thyme



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Hey Easyfox

Pike is quite a bitter fish mormally.

Try cutting into steaks (if large enough) allow to soak in clean water for half an hour (gets rid of any earthy taste) and then marinade for a couple of hours in cider. Cook it in the cider marinade and enjoy.


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Didn't realise you were doing one too Tony!

*Note to self, must communicate more!*


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Can you imagine what site lunches are going to look like if we keep this up!!


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You'll be on a job, look at next man's lunch box (the one with food in cirrus) and you'll say.

"Electricians Forums?"




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mdshunk I thought it was just a Hollywood film thing, just sitting down & saying "give me the special"

Do that here & you'd get more than you bargained for, mind you at some places you be told the special (nod nod wink wink) service will cost extra :D


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Firstly, when the coals are nice and hot, or when the gas barbeque is hot, brush the grill plate with cooking oil, it helps stop the food from sticking. Do this after again after each batch of food is cooked. (it also make the grill easier to clean afterwards)

Fun food for the kids.

Chicken breast fillets, cut into one in wide strips (across the width of the fillet). Marinade in a mixture of quarter of a pint of coca cola and tomato ketchup (I know it sounds bad). Place on barbeque and grill brushing with the marinade while you cook it. Make sure the chicken is properly cooked through.

Wrap a banana in silver foil and place on the barbeque for about eight minutes. When unwrapped the skin should split easily and the centre be smushy. Serve hot on the banana skin sprinkled lightly with brown sugar with vanilla ice cream


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Cola and Ketchup??!!??

I'll be trying that one :) (seriously)
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