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Im fitting an extractor fan in a bathroom and was looking at using a 3 pole pull cord as isolator/switch, can someone point me in the direction of where to get one from, ive googled it but can only find one to order. Also is this acceptable as i always thought that the isolator had to be fitted outside of the bathroom.


old dog

hi thats a new one on me never seen tp pullcord normally put tp switch outside door
it sound odd the switch is for isolation for maintenance the reason for it being high
level cant see the point of pull cord that that can be switched on with little effort
i am waffeling now but you get my gist

well just found them tp fan pullcord tlc do them well with that i am off to bed
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Yeah ive never seen them before but im fairly new to things. I usually fitted isolator above bathroom door with the transformer but read about using this on another forum.

3 pole Fan Ceiling Pull Cord Switch


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hi fitted some fan pull cord isolators a couple of years ago i think they were from walsal wholsalers
Hi there

A 3 pole pull cord isolator is fine as long as the extractor fan is situated in the bathroom as these are not lockable... well i havent come across any.Also needs to be in zone 3, if you have an in line fan in the loft it needs an isolator adjacent to it, unless you have a lockable 3 pole plate switch in the bathroom... hope it makes sense.

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