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Had a few more complaints from new members who feel they are getting cocky responses to their posts.

It's funny for about 3 minutes then it just encourages more of the same cocky responses.

I don't care how regular you are or how many posts you have. I'm instigating a 3-strike rule.

Get 3 warnings in 12 months and you'll be permanently banned. I couldn't care for people costing the forum new members. Or making the mods need to follow you around checking your posts.

If you don't have constructive replies for a newbie who you don't like, then don't post a reply. Simple as that.
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This notice has been left for those with less than 50 posts.

"We have some regular members that assume it's okay to be cocky to new members. They have been warned and risk losing their accounts. Please report any replies to your posts as a newer member rather than replying to them. And the moderators will issue warnings and remove them."

Staff: Please check reported posts and issue warnings to those who have their posts removed.

I've setup the system to automatically ban after 3 post removals.

If you can't follow the simple rule, CLICK HERE TO DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT.
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