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I am wanting to train to become an electrician. i am 20yrs old at the moment. i have done research and found i can do a 1yr intensive course which u have 2days work experience a week, or i can do a c+g level 2 and 3. i realise i need to get work experience.

which course is best as i have had different information from diff people and none give the same advice.

what courses do you have to do to become an electrician

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salisbury spark

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hi mate
Im doing c&g 2330 at college for three years
Done 1day first year now doing 2evenings for the second year so i can work (40 years old with family)

The 'kids' at college do really well doing apprenticeships -they get loads of on-site experience and theory at college and a wage.

The intensive c&g courses usually add upto the same hours that i would do over the whole year at college - so if u can keep up with it why not.

Best advice i can offer is to see the tutors at your local college for advice on best route -always got good advice from tutors over the years.

JTL do apprenticeships.

Lots of electrician jobs are word of mouth -turn up on there doorstep and introduce yourself - leave your CV and ask if they now of anyone else looking for some1 like yourself if they cant help

Get a skill now while your young - even if u dont use it till later in life.
U never make any money working for some1 else...

If u are at home stay there and train as like me can only afford to do it now kids r growing up.

if i can help u any more write back

Im now Part p qualified and have setup domestic electrical services
Works out there - though u must know what u r doing (where work experience comes into its own)

Good luck...


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thanks for that how do i get part p qualification.

i work in an electrical wholesalers so i should be able to find work experience i think

salisbury spark

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Part p course run all over the place - put it in google to get an idea of what its all about -

Domestic electrical installer - is what u r when u pass

Not easy course u need to know how to wire up electric circuits and know your stuff on the regulations.

Wouldnt have passed without my 1st years college experience and house renovation experience and many hours of study.

Dont do a five day monday to friday - u need time between lessons to study for next exams..

IT still dont give u all the skills to do jobs - every job i goto have to get books out to study what im going to do. - Work experience will help

My course was £900 - over 1day for 7 weeks with 17 exams plus practical exams. only 3 out of 8 passed

U can do a 'pre' course to the part p to give u some skills before u start the main course. -fail the course have to pay again.

Part p will make u more employable - so will taking your 17th regs exam as it shows employers where u r at.

I have to remember any mistakes i make on an install really can kill someone - so its quite a challenge learning as i go along.

Must thank this site for help when need it....

Not back on till tom eve - if u got questions
see ya


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the electrical instalation course i was looking was level 2, then i can do 2 on level 3.

its 2 days a week then the rest i am sposed 2 hav work experience. which i know is important. was planing on workin for a company for a few yrs to get the experience needed before doing anything

salisbury spark

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unsure what your course is - have seen correspondance courses with level 2 - but not nvq level 2

C & G 2330 is level 2 for 2 years - the 3rd year you take the nvq level3
Lads at college do 2330 in 1 year full time and nvq3 in the second year.

All these level 1 and 2 and NVQ level 2/3 make things complicated.

The course you are looking at -ask them whether they are nvq level and if not will you have to take the nvq after the course has ended before you can do the nvq3 (which is what u need to be a qualified electrician).

My plumbing course is level 2 - but then after finished have to do my nvq level 2 - before taking nvq3.

Not much help here - hopefully the course supplier can clear things up.

If you can the course in 1 year -why not and be qualified in 2 years instead of 3.


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think it was level 2 then you do level 3 nvq once you hav passed the level 2. u can do level 2 in 1yr 2days a wk i think

salisbury spark

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sounds like my 2330 course (city and guilds) -which is fine
The quicker qualified the quicker you can start earning some decent money mate
Gotta go work - wire a new 3 a storey extension and then a complete rewire on his shop - love being self employed and doing electrics though.

so good luck - mail if i can help further -most stuff on C and G course on net.
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