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Evening all. I'm Jeremy, I'm 38 and have been in the electricity malarkey since 2000. At a loss for what to do I enrolled at Highbury College in Portsmouth on the C&G Electrical Installation course. Did quite well but couldn't finish the course as at 30 I was "too old" for anyone to take me on as an apprentice. Not to take a defeatist attitude I took myself to London and got jobs here and there and taught myself (still learning). Did 16th in 2004 and 2391 in 20066. Failed miserably as i hadn't a clue what I was doing with regard to testing but persevered. Took my 2391 again in June this year after a course with Steve Sloan at Highbury (very good Tutor) and hope fully have passed this time. Papers are being remarked and get my results at end of September. This time though I had a fair idea what I was writing about. Have been working for a plumber for the last 20 months, but hate it and want to get back into electricity again but do it properly this time. Mainly domestic exp but wouldn't mind trying commercial maintenance(testing must be cleaner than house bashing?)


welcome in :)

sounds like you have had a tough ride in (working with plumbers :() hope things go your way from now on


Welcome to the site jeremy.

As monty says, hope things start to go your way from now on mate. Shame to hear you didn't get chance to finish off your 2330. I just started mine and I'm 29 and will be 32 when I finish!!! (Not if) :)

Hope to see more of you around here mate.

PS: Still think your a tool :)


Hi jeremy

Welcome to the site. You've done well to persevere through to get what you want, well done. Believe it or not testing in industrial/commercial can be dirtier than house bashing (cleaners don't tend to get up to light fittings in factories).

Look forward to seeing more from you.
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