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I know the Dewalt XRP is unbeatable, but for the money, longest lasting, what is your opinions, price range £50 - £150
all i can say, which is not much help but, Makita 18v combi li-on, ebay it for £150 ;) the more u spend on sumit the better it is, and the longer it lasts in my opinion. although i'd rather use those screwfix snips for £3 ish than use one of my £20 pairs of knipiex ones, lol, any one else ur those screwfix cutters, i've got loadsa pairs


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Only cordless drill worth buying for great service and long lasting reliability is the 18V range from Milwaukee. Comes at a price, but us professionals need reliabilty and long service for our initial outlay !
The V18 range just blows it's competitors away, you get what you pay for.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milwaukee Electric Tool


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agree with green grass but i use the makita 18 volt lxt range very nice and light to use !


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I use both a Makita 18 MXT combi drill and a 12v Dewalt XRP Combi. (Models 8444 Makita and DC945 Dewalt)

To be perfectly honest there is little difference between the two. I looked at both standard range Makitas and Dewalts but once you get them in your hand the XRP and MXT really makes a difference in build quality. I believe they use full metar gearing so wear is reduced, also the Makita has user replacable brushes, not sure about the Dewalt (Will have a look in the morning)

If your not too fussed over the very latest LXT (Lithium) technology, you can grap some great deals on the MXT range. I picked up a second 18v combi drill, 2 x 2.6NIMH batteries, charger, case and free Makita torch for just under £170 from ebay the other week delivered.

I cannot remember a time when a battery didn't last a full day.

I only bought the Dewalt because I had bought the DC011 radio/charger for work and thought it wouldn't hurt to use the drill purly as a screwdriver. The drill and 2 batteries was £100 new and has been worth every penny.

Luke Scotty - How can you not use those lovely Knipex everyday? It's what they were made for!!!!!!
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i use a dewalt 24v hammer drill for hammer cost about 750 with 3 3Ah batts and fast charger, but i saw a makita combi 18v with a 3.0Ah battery and 22 min charger advertised in screwfix for £150

the best drills and pretty much all power tools in my opinion are Hilti, no budget hardware, just quality


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Dewalt 14.4v combi - powerful and not too heavy (if you cutting holes for lights all day you feel the difference between the 14.4v and the 18v).

Saying that if i was buying now those makita 18v lithiums look too nice and are just as good - make sure it is the metal chuck and metal gearing though.
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Just seen an offer in B&Q - AEG 18v combi drill, half price now £99, might go for it!


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i'm sure i heard somewhere that AEG were milwakee's sister company or owner or something along those lines, our company drills are milwakee and have no balls at all, i would definatly not recommend milwakee at all and if AEG are partnered with them i'd stay clear of them aswell


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Makita all the way for me.

Especially the Li-on range.
love my makita drill 18v 3.o ah li ion

had a cheaper makita before and the clutch went after a few months the 1 above cst me 300 from screwfix and love it only prob iv had with it is the slider to choose what drill option you want sticks sometimes


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Got an Dewalt XRP 18v and its been in the repair shop three times in the last year, all repaired under guarentee,:mad: The previous dewalt I had was superb and lasted six years. Will be looking at the Makita's soon.
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