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Getting a pre-fab concrete garage installed next week and I got thinking about how im going to fix the conduit and accessories to the walls when I come to wire it out. What have you done in these situations? The only option I can think of is to just board the garage walls with wood and fix everything to that or would you just attempt to drill into the concrete?



Get some brackets, screw to some wood, and use the bolts that hold the panels together as an anchor. Did that recently as it was brand new and the warranty was voided if you drilled into the concrete - check the paperwork!



I guess you've not got an SDS drill then.

Hire one and become a convert, "hammer" action drills might as well be platting fog compared to an SDS.

Just mark it out accurately and as stated plug and screw


If you do drill,

Mark the depth of a Yellow plug on your bit.

I wouldn't go any deeper than that.
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Cheers for the advise guys! I have got an SDS drill but was just a bit unsure about whether to try drilling as ive heard it can knock large chunks of the wall out, and also was a bit wary about the walls being so thin.

cymroaur, Ill check over the paperwork but im sure there'll be a warranty issue, so I'll probably do as you said and get some brackets and use wood! How did you fix to the rafters as I think some are made of steel and not wood?


Good point yes they are thin. Yellow plug yes! Or back out with a timber mount if worried.


I always mount accessories to timber boards on the supporting posts which will take a drilled fixing , never the panels which are only 1.5 inch thick.
Hate doing section garages , total faff from start to finish lol.


AGW woodcare sell a "D4" stength grab glue....i kid you not once youve used it you wont use anything else (says so on the tube). Awesome stuff.

Anyway used that once to bond a wood panel to concrete garage.

Got a brick to stick to the ceiling? This is the stuff!

No nails is like, amoebic compared.
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I know, ive got a feeling its going to be a complete nightmare! Think ill just bond wood to all of the walls using glue and fixings to the concrete posts! Dont want it coming off in a hurry haha!



great idea to use posts, yes. They're thicker. Good Fellow.


I too have used high strength adhesive to bond batterns to prefab panels.
What's key is for the adhesive to have a high initial grip so that you don't get and sagging.
I also try to use treated "green" timber in the garage for overall protection.
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