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Been reading the forum for a few weeks now but not posted. So I thought I would post this at least.

Im a 39yr old who is about to begin re-training and hopefuly become qualified to be a domestic installer.

Dabbled with the industry a long time ago, where I worked as a mate doing first and second fixes on new builds. Since then spent about 6yrs in mechanical engineering, conveyor systems and industrial handling (not electrical work, but site repairs to machinery) and done 12 years in the military doing infantry work.

I suspect that there may be a little cynicism towards people coming into the industry, taking intensive courses, as I will be doing in the new year, and calling themselves "Electricians" at the end of it..!

Trust me this is not what I'm about. I will be doing the 6 week course and spending my money, however i'm fully aware that this will not make me an Electrician.

Im studying hard already and got my head in a variety of books. Hopefuly the theory part of it wont be too daunting. And after spending a good part of my adult life on the tools elsewhere, Im not too afraid of the practical stuff.

Im currently working full time but on shifts, in another industry, and hope to build up a little business of my own, doing light domestic work during my extended days off, and perhaps a little more involved stuff every now and then that will take up a week or so at a time.

I guess my strengths lay in my patience with procedural stuff. So I'm hoping to specialise in small scale notifiable work, that I can self-certify, once Im qualified. Plus I would like take on some periodic inspection and testing work on the domestic side of the industry.

I have uttmost respect for those out there that have taken the more established route of college/day-release/employment. However that option just isnt open to me. I have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, so for now I will be (hopefuly) running 2 jobs until the business is established and I can take the plunge fully.

Furthermore, those time-served industrial sparks that have 20-30 years under their belt, have my respect. Especially as I was destined for the same at my local Colliery. However good old maggie and the miners strike put pay to that idea, and my career went elsewhere.

Anyway, enough waffle.
I do believe there is a niche for me and others like me in this industry. I hope the established chaps (and chappesses) dont think Im taking the easy route into this and will be stepping on their toes. Its a lot of work for me, on top of my day job, and I still have to find a few thousand quid to pay for the training, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

Diving for cover now.... cheers.. GT
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Hi there GT1 and welcome to the forum.

Good to see another pongo joining the ranks:D

Many people take the route you are going on and people here are always willing to give advise.


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who said it was the army...!!


thanks for the reply tho..


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

A very well written and comprehensive introduction.

You seem to know where you wish to go within the industry and what you wish to do and I wish you every success for the future.


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Thanks for welcome chaps..

Im looking at taking the EAL course at Technique Training in Derbyshire in the new year. I could take it earlier I suppose, but despite their website saying not to pre-read anything, it just doesnt seem right to me. Im much happier spending 5 months studying on my own time for now, and feeling as though Ive at least got half an idea when I start getting thrown some equations and new terminology.

And as for if/when I start working on my own.... Im a great believer in taking small steps and building things up based on sound knowledge and/or experience. My work ethic will be that of thoroughness and attention to detail.

Ive witnessed, and been victim of, some shocking practices over the years from "tradesmen" from a variety of different disciplines and I'm determined to win my clients over with quality workmanship.

And actually its really given me a lift to start learning again..!!
I cant wait to get stuck in.


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Hi, and welcome.

I understand your reasons for following the route you have. I was in a similar position a few years back when I was forced to change carreers due to redundancy from electronics. But the difference was that I was doing an evening course and got lucky in getting a job as a mate where I was encouraged to continue the training as well as getting the practical experience.

Our company have employed a couple of people who have done the training in college, but have no industry background. It's been a steep learning curve for them, as they were pretty much given a van and daily list of jobs from day one. Although you may have the theory, thats not the hardest part. The practical aspect is equally important - including all the ducking, diving and weaving we need to do that only experience can give. It can't be taught in the classroom.

I'm not trying to be discouraging, just realistic about the part of the job you will need to learn as well. If there is any way to get some practical experience - even if it means working part time for free as a mate for any electrician that is willing to be involved then get the experience! Any practical experience you do have will certainly help you get into the trade.

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