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MCG, CED, axiom, BG, Chint, proteus and others I probably can't remember are all absolute crap in my books. MK boards are rubbish too but are less common now.
Hate to break it to you but MK are back now - CEF are doing the new ones with SPD (in black!) and Type A RCDs - will be interesting to see how they are if anyone wants to take the plunge....

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Hi I also have had trouble with BG RCD's , was completing EICR on domestic where the BG RCD's did not trip @ 5 x, in less than 20ms which was required for TT installation, hence answer was to get PME fitted but worth noting. Never had that trouble with more well known manufacturers RCD's, tripping @ 20ms Crabtree, Wylex, hagar , etc oh yes and of course schneider
Might want to check the regs there fella. For TT, max disconnection time 200ms, not 20. 40ms at 5X for additional protection.

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