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Hi first time posting just looking for advice from fellow sparks, having troubles with builder at home.
He’s suppose to be knocking down some load bearing walls and fitting steels, fitting a kitchen and a couple of windows.
Was agreed this week he would knock walls down rip out kitchen and fit the steels. Came Monday did a bit on a smaller job upstairs which was suppose to be finished last week which we’ve paid and still waiting to be finished, Tuesday knocked down a small plaster board wall and knocked some plaster one of the walls coming down,
Wednesday didnt turn up got someone to come and rip the kitchen out not a big kitchen about half a day and Left a gas pipe turned off but without a cap on the end and the isolator a nice height for our 3 year old who likes to touch and play with everything, which we mentioned to him but he didn’t bother coming and doing. He told us a plumber would come today but never turned up. Was suppose to come round tonight to discuss things but he’s sick
He asked us to pay him 2k beginning of the week so he could have a float to get material and labour. Since then we’ve paid for the skip, arranged and paid a deposit for the steels and only had someone here half a day to rip the kitchen out.
Now he’s holding me up on my electrics in the kitchen
He’s been hard to get hold of these last few days. When we try speak to him about our concerns he says we are putting under too much pressure and making a big deal about small issues and has twice Threatened to walk, would just get someone else if it wasn’t for the 2k and the last bits upstairs.
Would appreciate any suggestions and advice obviously not feeling very confident with him
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you can ridddor him under the gas safety act for leaving a open end gas pipe who ever dismantled you gas appliance should be gas safe how do you know the gas isolation valve is not letting by and you have gas escaping in your dwelling.
first i would contact gas safe or a gas engineer to make safe, the hse would be all over him.
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From checkatrade reviews were ok was between him and another guy similar price but he didn’t charge vat so was saving about 4K. Started just over 2 weeks ago don’t he’s done a full day once!!!!
This story is all to common

My gut feeling would be telling get shot of this guy ASAP , and get a different reputable builder in to complete the job.

Ask the builder for your money back less any materials that he can prove he purchased for you .
If he refuses then Speak to a solicitor about trying to claim your money back
Shocking,but like said,it’s all too common,get rid if you can,start afresh,ask for a contract planner/time table of works.
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That’s the funny thing we asked for that and he printed off a sheet at the start showing the planned works and what’s gonna be done each week he just hasn’t been here to do it. He’s here today today saying here gonna be here all day and half a day tomorrow. Says the plasters coming on Monday to finish off upstairs!
So will have to see next few days if he sticks to his word!!
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He says he’s finished his other job and the work he’s actually done upstairs looks alright just a case of him actually being here and getting on with it!!


a builder sticking to his word??????


Advent Win
If it all works out for you; and I hope it does, don't forget to leave a glowing report on his antics on Checkatrade. You may save someone the same fate.


Have you agreed on a fixed price for the works?
I think it is a case of him being cheaper as no VAT and he is too much demand. Have seen or got good reviews of his previous jobs.
People let you down,if he gave you a program of works,& it’s behind,then he needs to improve on it,good luck.


Given the cost of building materials amd labour i dont really understand how any builder can stay under the vat threshold if hes working full time. Always makes me wonder
If you are a sparks, don't you come into contact with builders you can trust rather than using the 'checkatrader' lottery?
Times we have been to put right installations by checkatrader cowboys who all had 'good' reviews!
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Reply to Bloody builders!!!! in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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