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Hi guys, did an installation back in May which included a couple of 500W halogens overlooking a car park. One bulb blew after about 3 months and now both have blown again a couple of times. I tested the circuit when the first bulb blew quickly and all appeared ok, so just thought it was a duff bulb. Its now got me thinking there is more to it than that. Surely these should last longer than a month or two? Any idea's? There is only the 2 halogens on the circuit, wired in 1.5 T+E with a 6A mcb on a brand new TNCS supply, although it is rural fed from an overhead pylon and I was getting 257 volts at the meter. I'm going out to test it again this week but would appreciate some feedback if anyone out there has had a similar problem.
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Those double ended quartz halogen lamps suck! I all but refuse to install them. The lamp life is stupid short. If it's not the lamps burning out, the lampholder end contacts burn off the luminaire in time. If you got 3 months out of one, I'd say that's about right. It does sound like you might have a little bit of a high voltage issue too, which doesn't help matters when you're dealing with a fickle lamp type to begin with. For your application, I much prefer metal halide or high pressure sodium lamps and luminaires.
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257 is greater than allowed I think (ok only by 4 volts) but as MD says when you're starting off with a fickle product it's not doing you any favours to have a voltage so high. Get this reading checked just to make sure then report it to the suppliers. With regard to thelamps lasting a bit longer I seem to remember from a very long time ago at college being told that the filament should hang down from the support wire in the lamp and not doing so will shorten life. How true this is or even if I'm remembering correctly, I'm not sure but surely it's worth a try?


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Sounds like a case of buy cheap and you'll buy twice. Mind you with all the crap that's allowed onto the British market thesedays who know's. If you can, try getting hold of decent lamps not made in Eastern Europe or the far East and see how long they last !!!!!!!!!!!


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ive used all sorts of lamps in halogens over the years from the likes of osram and ge,as said sometimes the lamps last well and some can blow within a few days,metal halide is now my fitting of choice


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Thanks for all these guys - I didn't think there was anything wrong with the installation. I'll try some better quality bulbs and see if we get any more life out of them. Already told the supplier about the voltage and they say as its an overhead transformer supply ( about 50 mtrs from property) its very difficult to stabilise the voltage. I do know several other houses in the area that have regular surge problems. I'll get the owners to stock up on a box of bulbs for the winter!!!


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It's all down to prevailing conditions, a lottery. Hang low it will overheat, set horiz. the rain/snow will bang it. Outside halogen sucks..normally, but as always there are exceptions

Hence they are £5.00 fitting and all from b&q, wickes et al. They are really ****e
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