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Another uneventful day, another thrilling observation.....

Anyway, Having listened to the recent hype on some of the BG consumer units I decided to take a look around their website and have a look at some of their products. I couldn't help but notice their range of MCBs, RCD,s etc have nearly the exact same design as the Contactum CP range (the technical writing is the same font, the shape& design are the same, only noticeable difference to me was the BG logo and the toggle+what I'd call a RCBO update).

There was a rumour that Contactum was going bust so am I right in guessing their product and design was bought up and is now sold as BG? Not that this is world shatteringly important but could be useful to know in the future :wink_smile:

mr murdock

Contactum did go pop some time ago (2 years) but then rose from the flames i beleive - don't recall seeing a spirit level on a Contactum board either.. is this a new rumor?
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