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Hi all
I'm in the middle of a arguement with local building control over my 2 storey extension on my own house, last year it was started and when i applied for building regs etc i told the B.I bloke that i'll be doing the electrical work as its mfull time job in the day. Told him i could'nt use my niceic reg as it for the company i work for they pay for it, so he said give me copy of your qualifications including 17th update. got back to me and all i have to do is supply electrical certificate, no fee as i'm paying for building regs. well this morning i get a letter saying as i'm not registered with a part p body its invalid and if they do not get one electronically in 28 days from letter then the project will not be considered not satisfactory and when i rang them they stood by the letter and what i was told last november is wrong and they want £342 to send their electricain to test and check all meets part p. has anyone had this problem before
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they are talking crap. as long as you are qualified and competent, they should accept your installation certificate.


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As tel said. Send them your certs to prove your competent and stand your ground.


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thanks for the reply, do you know anywhere on the web that says this and i could use it to back my arguement


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Pretty sure the building control fee's you paid for the extension, would cover the electrical Part P. So it's only your qualified/competency they can ask you to prove. A letter from your company should soon sort that one out, you have already supplied them with copies of your qualifications... lol!!

Also, if you have an acceptance letter from your LABC about the electrical installation certificate, as indicated in your post, wave that in their faces. They cannot retrospectively ask for anything over and above, that has already been agreed in writing between yourselves...

Plonker 3

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Well the Part P document says the certificates used used must comply with the ones in BS7671, which also states
The certificate required by Part 7 of BS7671 shall be made out and signed or otherwise authenticated by a competant person or persons in respect of the design, construction, inspection and testing of the work
BS 7671 definition of a Competent person
A person who possesses sufficient technical knowledge, relevant practical skills and experience for the nature of the electrical work undertaken and is able at all times to prevent danger and, where appropriate, injury to him/herself and others.
So reading that it says to me that as long as your certificate is compliant with BS7671 it shall be acceptable that the installation is installed correctly.
threaten them with court action, ie pay a solicitor to send them a letter detailing what DILb has said above. I put money on the fact that the council back down!


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sounds like a jobsworth in the office. As if they haven't got enough proper work to do without this nonsense


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thanks for the replies folks
Think I'll pop into local council offices tomorrow as i'm working nearby and take my quals and electrical certificate for the house ext andtell them to explain to me what the difference is between what I'm giving them here and the one that they want which will be the same but cost me £342 and somebody elses hand writing
What's your position in with your employer mate? If you have been there a long time and they trust you implicitly you might find that one day they "might decide that it could have been done by the company and someone forgot about it"
Unlikely I know but possible.
That'd pee on LABC's firworks


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What Trev said, id have a word and see if they will notify it for you?
Oi Oi Oi Trev said nowt bonny lad! Trev was merely discussing what may be the strangest of coincidences:)


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LABC and building inspectors certainly know building regs but are not up on electrical regs. If you are competent, normally all they want is a cert and a copy of your quals just to close the file and issue a BC certificate. Your Inspector seems to have lost his way in the red tape
The LA are correct , to register a job you need to be part p certified/registered with one of 6 bodies yourself regardless of how many PhD's you have . Your only way round it is to get the company you work for to sign it off for you hence them taking on the liability under there insurance witch you probably don't have as your cards in ? ,
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Reply to building control fee for electrical work even though its my job in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at ElectriciansForums.net

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