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Hi guys!,
Just baught the Fluke 1653 tester brand new, and was wondering if it needs calibrating or do you normally get a 1year manufacturers calibration with the tester?.
Help would be appreciated!
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hiya you should get a 12month calibration cert from the maufacturer.


You should get a 12 month certificate but it can depend upon how long it has been sitting on the shelf before it is sold


as above should come with years calibration....mr nic man told me that cos ive got a test box that i dont need to calibrate my main tester for 3 years!! is this right (sorry for the hijack just seemed appropriate!) :)


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If you bought it from a wholesaler they should be able to contact Fluke and get an extended calibration certificate. They have to confirm to Fluke that the meter has not been used since it's arrival at the branch.
If they not do this for you ask them to get it calibrated for you, at their expense.
When you buy a new meter you intend to use it for carrying out testing in accordance to the requirements of BS7671. If the instrument is not calibrated then it cannot perform the task for which it is intended. Cause for complaint under Sale of Goods Act. Last resort I know but you are paying a lot of money for your Fluke so you need that calibration certificate.


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I dont know about Fluke but i've just bought a brand new Megger Mft 1553 and that came with a one years calibration cert..


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Thanks for that advice guys!, i will contact fluke straight away and double check this and see why my certificate isnt present.
Thanks again.
I bought a new fluke 1652 yesterday and it's come with the cert and all results dated last November (as had been on the shelf a while). It says on the front of the cert that the date shown might be a while ago, so there is space for you to write the date the unit went into service on the front of the cert, then it says to have it calibrated 12 months from this date. It specifically says that sitting on a shelf won't affect the calibration, it's only using the unit that can knock it out.

Make sure you fax off the form from the fluke site before the end of the month too for your free stuff Fluke - Test and Measurement Equipment

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