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Hi folks need your thoughts on the following,im with vodaphone(been with them for 4 years)on a contract for me mobile,if i swap to another network can i keep the same number(its on all my adds),and a couple of networks are offering things like a free wii or a free laptop ,i have looked for the con but cant find one,the network offering the free laptop is the same length contract as the one i got now and is offering more inclusive minutes and texts for the same money, am i missing something:confused:


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yes can have your number ported over to new network around 14 days to sort i would reckon. Can recommend 02 direct, not sure about freebies, never get something for nothing!


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The only thing to look out for will probably be call charges rising after the first year.

Be aware Vodafone are going to be bumping up their call charges anyway as of next month (by 5p so my insider say's) & they are wanting to get shot of pay as you go service.


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No catch.

Just be sure to check what tariffs they charge once you go over your monthly limit.

(If they offer 500mins and 500 texts free for £30 per month, example what do they charge after that)

If you explain to Vodafone you've been with them 4yrs and have been offered a fantastic deal by such and such a firm and your tempted to go with it, see what they can offer to better it. You may well be pleasantly surprised what they offer.

Also, look in newspapers or internet for offers.

Finally! A subject I can offer advice on! :)


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You worked in the world of cellular Bane mate?


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My mate got caught out with the free wii thing read terms its says while stock lasts they could have one in stock.

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