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Hi I've competed an level 2 and 3 in electrical installations ran by city and guilds I'm a mature student and looking to get the right path into the industry. If I complete an Am2 course will this get me my jib card I've looked it up and basically the am2 covers everything that would be required for an NVQ3 qual so hoping I can just get this am2 done and go from there Just looking for advice please


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Have you got any practical experience yet or at all?
Welcome to the forum by the way.


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Hi thanks for the replies

Casper Lennon....as a mature student I was under the understanding I didn't need an NVQ 3

RRPA07 - Hi thanks for the welcome.
Yes I have a couple of years experience. I'm starting a new role for a fire alarm company, basically they want me to train to become a commissioning engineer. He wants to get me an ecs card but I've read that the 2365 C&G cert I have isn't recognised.

I have my 18th edition and have seen there's another route via the mature applicant route. But I'm wondering if it's just as simple as paying to get the am2 cert


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This is a bit of a pi"" off changing the qualies all the time. The course I did to level 3 is now off the books and is no longer recognised as C&G have withdrawn it. You hear this a lot from the older 2330 and onward. So what happens then one minute you are an electrician having passed the exams required for the latest exam de jour, next minute you are not??? FFS! I wish they would make their mind up and keep a stable and simple accessible easy to understand exam/course that qualifies you as a spark so we all know where the hell we are at. Can it be that difficult. Ok rant over.


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Two options:
1- Mature candidate route, you will have to provide site-based evidence. An assessor will have to come out and visit you on a site and check out your work. And your AM2.
2- You say you need an ECS card .With your current papers you can get an Electrical Labourer ECS card. However some sites may be funny about letting you on with this card.


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Thanks sparky and George.

I'm at uni doing my HNC in Electrical and electronic engineering I'll have that done by May. This company said I can do work around my course until I finish hnc

I don't need any electrical quals for this job as they said they'd put me through my fire alarm commissioning and maintenance courses which are recognised by jib. Suppose I'll just have to get the electrical labourer card till I get some more quals


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Sometmes I wonder why I spent 4 years slaving when it can be done like this. On the bright side it was free!


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So why do you wonder why you spent 4 years??

It's took me 3 years to get to where I am and a lot of money but I won't stop until I'm fully qualified.

Thanks for your input
You have went the right way about it then unlike many you'll not regret it


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To the OP the answer to your question is no you will not gain a JIB approved electrician by just completing the AM2 exam you will need to complete your NVQ 3 portfolio which will require an NVQ assessor that you register with to sign off certain aspects of work you do i.e on a commercial site incorporating containment work and other aspects of the installation work our trade incorporates. If im correct you will also need to show you have carried out the work yourself by them visiting you onsite and observing you undertaking the work.

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