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carl sparks

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hi all just need some help with a few things pls
ive just passed 2330 lev2 and 17th edtion i want to know i have just booked to join niceic to sign off my own work as the job im going to needs a cert off a goverment body only thing is that when i change ccu i was not passed but i want to use this as my major job for the nic assment i know the regs the only thing is the lighting has no cpc and the bonding is not to the regs i made the person whos house it was clear about these problems do i put it down on the cert and make clear on it that they was told u no wot some people only want that changeing if the test results r ok would u use this as the major job because all the other work been done as minor works ihave no probs with testing
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hi matey, welcome.

ive done more or less exact same as you only last week, to join nic. first of all a consumer unit change is notifiable through LABC (local authority building control), so the nic will want evidence of this Building compliance etc. i.e it will need testing by who ever the council want to send to do it. on my job they came out to test it but couldn issue a certificate to LABC because they were waiting for new certs from niccy.

did you say you've already paid your registration fee? first thing id do is ring your council and say you want to register a concumer unit change. will cost a bit (mine was £136), they lll send you all the bumf then when you've done it or finished the job let them know and theyll send someone out to test it. (sparky company who checked mine did a full PIR on it) (seemed strange really!!)

to be honest i would take any chances with NIC and things not been fully compliant, on my assesment he wanted to know all bonding was up to standard etc, if i were you id upgrade it, i just feel it looks better on your part rather than saying ive told em this and said that etc etc.

on the no earth on the lighting? mmmm on the nic site theres a download on this that ll tell you a bit more. again cant comment on wat niccy would say to this either, there is no legal requirement, and no regulation in BS 7671, requiring an existing electrical installation to be upgraded to current standards, however there is a requirement under the building regulations for england and wales not to leave an installation less safe than it was prior to modification work.

So if the lighting is on a better circuit breaker and yo've got an RCD in there then technically its better than before? theres a lot to this to be honest like going round making aure exposed parts of the lighting circuit / class 1 equipemnt is rcd protected etc. lke you say as well it stipulates making notes of deviations from 7671, i suggest having a download of this doc of the nic site "replacing a consumer unit in domestic premises where lighting circuits have no circuit protective conductor"

furher more if your council send a firm out to test your job and they do a pir on it then its gonna get pulled on the main bonding and cpc. which means they wont issue a cert, which means nic wont be to happy either. could you not change someone elses consumer unit likeyour own at home or somewhere else where you know everything is ok? be easier for you in the long run.

know its long winded, sorry!


carl sparks

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cheers sparky thats helped me a bit i never new about the labc thats more money its never ending there should be a page on the nic that makes things clear on wot to do wot else may i need to know about before the date comes:confused::confused::eek::confused::eek:


thats pretty much it really, to be honest though although there is ways of getting round no cpc etc i would be inclined to do another consumer unit maybe, i like to think they cant moan about anything at all! when they come and assess you.

so provided you sort either job out then;

1) pay your fee to nic
2) register your c/unit with building control (you want this completed before your assesment date)
3) make sure as much as possible is up to 17th standards
4) 2 million min public liability
5) h&s policy (download off niccy site)
6) approved document P (download of internet, google it)
7) memorandum of electricity at work regulation (£12 smiths)
8) certificates for both jobs
9) full set off test equipment, steps
10) complaints procedure
11) instrument checklist procedure
12) bs 7671 regs

thats it just swat up a bit on building regs as this also seems to be a favourite to aske questions on. theres a thread somewhere stating Q's you get asked on asssesments.



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Nicely, concisely Sparkyork.

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