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Ceramic hob partially working

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Got a 5 ring ceramic hob, all ring power on and can select heat setting on them but only 2 heat up? On the flex there's 4 cores I've connected brown, blue and earth but have left black could that be anything to do with it? On a 32A Rcbo as required and fed by a 10mm which is plenty!IMG_20240609_134855.jpg
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The picture you posted shows wiring across 2 phases and neutral
Are you sure the hob is suitable for a single phase supply?
Yes! I would expect both L1 (black) & L2 (brown) to be connected for everything to work! Usually there are connection diagrams for different supplies (e.g. if you have 2 or 3 phases, as common in some countries).
Worked a treat!! Couldn't get my head around the diagram I interpreted it as 230 across n and L2!

Cheers pal
It may still be wrong.
Diagram shows l1 and l2 on different phases.
If you put them on the same phase, you could overload the neutral cable.

Just because it works doesn’t mean it’s right.
Please check the manufacturer’s instructions
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