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i have installed some fused connection units in a commercial kitchen, normally in domestics i omit supplementary bonding due to main bonds and RCD protection being in place.

Whilst my circuit has RCD protection there are existing circuits with no RCD protection and out of interest to what extent would the below need regarding bonding?

metalic water pipes, fixed metal kitchen worktops, metal extraction hoods etc.
i can see for the most part supplementary bonding in place, am i correct in saying if i get below 0.05 ohms between all exposed conductive parts i dont need a show piece of green and yellow cabling pig tailing everwhere?


Are you still on the 15th?,the only thing that may need bonding is the incoming metal water pipe.
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hahaha i trained to the 17th to make it worse.... i just see allot of older circuits without RCD protection installed to 15th edition
Green yellow pigtails

Used to love making these up when I was a kid , wrapping 6mm earth round an old broom handle

Fortunately unless you are working to the 15th edition of the regs , pigtails are no longer required
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so am i correct in saying because my circuit (installed with 30ma RCD protection i dont need to worry about the fact it has been installed around a load of 15th edition equipment.

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