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Hi Everyone

I am looking at joining a competent persons scheme can anyone recommend which out of the following to go for?




Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest NAPIT or ELECSA personally as NIC are getting a bit of a bad press from the trade at the moment. At the end of the day it is personal choice and from what others are experiencing, if you plan to do local authority work then they apparently only accept NIC registered sparks. It's wrong really and I am sure it will change in time.
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Thanks Cirrus

It seems from the majority of people that Napit have the edge, I will ring both companies next week and see what the customer service is like before I make the choice.



Newspark 7, I have been with Napit for the past year and they have been pretty good.

You get a regular Competent Person Magazine on a monthly basis which has some good general gen about the industry and some good technical pointers.

Their technical help line is good, even if they are busy somebody will call you back.

I use my mobile and call their office on their direct number for free with my mobiles inclusive minutes.

They also have their own members on-line forum for chat with other members. Technical downloads, and on-line shop for tools, shirts etc. You can register jobs via their website on-line.

They also run training course and free seminars for members around the UK.

Members insurance packages available (designed for sparks) and reduced advertising with both Thomson and Yellow pages.

Overall a well rounded friendly organisation!

Down to person preference but I looked at NICEIC and the ECA and found NAPIT to be far more friendly and down to earth.

Which every way you go they all cost, it really depends on what kind of work you plan to do and at what scope you are thinking of?

Anyway hope this helps - Good Luck! :)

Oh by the way the Napit are an approved goverment scheme, so the LA cannot discriminate by only using NICEIC sparks.

NICEIC have been around for longer and it is a myth that their sparks are the only ones that can be used.

If you do do LA work and have a problem no being an NICEIC registered spark, NAPIT will gladly contact them to find out why they are refusing to use a qualified spark from a goverment approved scheme.

I am a full scope qualified spark with NAPIT and can carry out work in any area's covering domestic, industrial, and commercial which includes any LA work.

Just another quick point, its interesting that when you inquire about membership with NICEIC cost are around say £1000 and then if you join another scheme they are quick to offer you free membership to switch teams! - says it all really!
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Hi Warren

Thankyou for the very interesting information, I spoke to them on the phone yesterday and they seemed really helpful.

Interesting to know about the LA and NICEIC lots of contractors have told me that the major housebuilders will not accept tenders from non NICEIC members.

Much appreciated



Am not sure how that would stand up in court as it is discrimination!
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