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Hi all

what is the main competent person scheme you lads/lassies are using ???

niceic ?????

can they be payed by installments and the cost to join




They are all around £450 to join and then per year and I'm not sure about installments!
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Hi murdoch

I was with napit 2 years a go just fancied joining niceic but they are not the cheapest and they keep getting slateted on here


I am with NICEIC but only because it is the most recognsable brand
Kind of agree with that, but The Sparks I work for don't have NICEIC Plastered anywhere & it hasn't affected them for reliability with Customers...although I once subbed with a guy who was a walking NICEIC Banner Advert! I did have a Great Chat with Tony Cable last year though (& he kept his glasses on) at an Elex Show & whilst doing my C&G I made Good use of 'The Learning Lounge' Videos so would sway me with NIC, but do like the straightforward look of Elecsa & the feedback they get...


I was with Elecsa for a year and I cant fault them at all. their tech team are superb, as are their assesors.
I'm now with the NICEIC and to tell you the truth, I should have done this earlier !
Again the assesor was great and so have been all the people at the NIC.
Also, it has helped be get more work, as people know of the NIC rather than Elecsa.

The initial cost for assessment was £550.00 approx and then £450.00 for membership,
Then every year is £400 or so.
Go NICEIC is my suggestion and recommendation, but its your decision.

It boils down to personal choice and what service they can give you as a business.

I've spoken to all three of the big boys at elex shows, I was even offered a prolonged discount from the head of one of the scheme companies (not saying which one).

My personal choice is Elecsa due to their friendliness, straight forward talking, easy to deal with and I believe their the best for the area I work in.

Ps. The discount wasn't with Elecsa btw although I was tempted to save £100 with the one that offered me it. It's my money and I'll buy the goods and services that I need after researching the options. Many good reviews on this forum which did help my decision. End of the day its up to you.
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so you are saying to join niceic the cost is £550 for a half day assesment and then £400 for member ship thats a lot of money when elecsa are around £450 all in
Worth checking the cost of notifing jobs as well £1.50 with ELECSA not sure about NICEIC im told £5.00 but can't comfirm, i'm with ELECSA and find them to be sound, niceic to me has a element of snobbery about it, end of the day it depends what work your going for ? . local domestic works or govement/council works, wrongly some people insist in niceic only ... Best of luck which ever route you take
On another note .... Up front fee for first ELECSA assment then either monthly DD of Upfront fee again before 2nd assessment
NICEIC are £450 p.a. and notifying jobs online is £1.50

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