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hello sparks

a few members and i have been discussing doing the compex course to try and secure work in these troubled times, well paid work at that too!!

and although ( and i wish to make this clear from the outset ) there is NO guarentee of work from this i and the other members feel , by speaking to certain agencies that it would only be a matter of time before work came in. and when it does compex guys ( and girls ) will certainally have an advantage.

now the compex course its self costs around the £1000 mark and can be taken at many various sites in the mainland. and this is a large amount to anyone including myself, but we feel this will be a worth while investment as it lasts 5years before any refresher course would have to be taken.

SO we feel if we could get enough ( around 10 but the more the better ) we could possibly arrange a discount. i have to stress this is in the early stages of being organised.

if anyone would be interested please PM me to registar your interest. we have been thinking of dates around early to late april as to give people the chance to secure funding and also as the price of crude is so low at the minute alot of oil projects has been put on hold till the price goes back up!!!

also please state your area you reside as it can be taken from aberdeen to southampton!!

maybe this site could help us in more ways than 1.

i look forward to hearing from you. many thanks MEGAMAN83


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anyone else? need at least 10


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compex is a certificate of competence in potentially explosive enviroments.

its a 5 day course which will allow you to work on onshore oil rigs and refinarys

(offshore requires other exams such as survival etc)


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Hi there im John from Glasgow count me in for the compex. I have been told that the training centre in Billingham in Middlesbourgh is the best for passing the compex.


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hello sparks thanks for all the interest some of us have arranged to go ahead and do the course at the end of april,

a venue hasnt been decided yet as a few places are getting back to us with prices, but if anyone else is interested now is the time to say


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wat bout ya meg. you can do the course in chester not 2 far from hollyhead or liverpool airport im currently sitting it there.(tte new horisons) they stick on a few sarnies at lunch time. the course just explains working in ex plosive enviroments the type of glands and equipment thats suitable for that enviroment and what all that magumba on the side of the glands/eexd etc means. most people pass as far as i know the big 1 to remember is lock off tag off someone failed last week cause he forgot 2 do it (bit of scaremongering i think) il let ya know wat the story is with the rest off course friday and see if i can get a past paper ta send ya on


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Hello mate, iwould be interested in the bulk compex idea. i live near sheffield but would travel, cheers.


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Dont no if its to late but very interested,north east but willing to travel

old dog

hi i am intrested i live in london but could stay with family in scotland
if you can let me know details when you have it sorted out venue price ect


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I like the sounds of discount CompEX courses, but i'm sure im nearly a year late to this forum. If not and the idea is still banging around 'id definately travel for it as would another couple of sparks i work with. Based in newcastle but like i say would travel

el diablo

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Wheres' the best (cheapest) place to do the COMPEX course at the moment? Peterhead, Middlesbrough?

any done the online basic EX course on Elsikkerhet - Trainor AS or any of their other electrical courses?


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I have just done my COMPEX at aset in aberdeen never had to pay for it so not sure of cost , but the lecturers and assesors were all sound guys and presented the course very well

John D

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The Compex course is quite expensive and I think it's a lot for someone out of work.

With all due respect I don't think you should be trying for discounts but to actually get the course fully paid for by the Government. It was probably the government HSE who forced this requirement on us in the first place so they should pay for what they've created.

I have enquired with the centre who do Compex in my local area (Ellesmere Port) and I've actually spoken to one of the Compex Trainers who informed me that many of the guys in his classes are being sponsored through various organisations (not employers). I'm still trying to find out which sponors are available.

I think you would have to be on job seekers allowance to qualify.

If enough people enquire and make it clear that they are only out of work because of this daft course then something would be done about it. I think this is a far better approach than offering to pay for it in the first place.


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