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Hi, can someone either advise me or point me in the right direction please.
I have been asked to connect some outdoor lighting and decorations and I just want to clarify that I am doing it correctly.
In total there will be 11 items.
There are 2 outdoor sockets and my first priority is safety and that I am not overloading.
The next thing that I want to confirm is the best way to connect all of these things.
They all have there own plugs.
My first thoughts were to buy some electric cable to connect into the first socket and then branch off using junction boxes and at the end of each length connect a socket for each item to plug in.
Is what I have suggested ok and how can I check if I am not overloading.
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So you want to spur off the back of an existing outdoor socket untill you have enough sockets to connect all of your lights etc into on plug tops?? I doubt you will overload it but obviously need to check what sort of feed the socket has if it is just spurred off of a ring main then it cant be extended without sum additional overload protection also needs to be on a rcd


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Hi adamh,
Thanks very much for the reply. Although I am not a qualified electrician I used to work alongside one when I was building extensions and do have some basic knowledge.
I have moved from the UK to Dubai so everything is slightly different and to be honest very shoddy.
There are two outdoor sockets. One socket will power 6 items and the other will power five.
I don't think that many of them will take to much power and therefore cause overloading.
Most of them are lights wrapped around ornaments, but there are 3x36m lengths of lighting that are 589.68w/50Hz each that will be on one socket and one inflatable which has a fan motor that is also 50Hz.
Is this OK and is it ok to just spur of each junction box until they are all connected.

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