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How close can a consumer unit be to a boiler, currently the boiler is on the wall 150mm from the corner of the wall and the consumer is on the other wall so it facing the boiler is there any regulation about distance as i would of thought it should be 300mm between the two items

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Sorry think it's 150!, had to stud my board at home out cause of a gas pipe!!


Regulation 528.3.3 requires that where an electrical service is installed in proximity to a non-electrical service, it must be arranged so that any foreseeable operation carried out on the other service will not cause damage to the electrical service or the converse. This can be achieved by suitable spacing or mechanical or thermal shielding.BS 6891:2005 Installation of low pressure gas pipework in domestic premises, clause 8.16.2 states that gas installation pipes must be spaced at least 150mm away from electricity meters, controls, electrical switches or sockets, distribution boards or consumer units. There should also be a separation between a supply or distribution cable of at least 25mm for domestic pipework up to 35mm or 50mm for piepwork over 35mm.

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