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I wonder if you would be able to help, I have recentlycompleted a training course in electrical installation. I am now trying to gainmy accreditation, I have the two jobs lined up to gain this and be accessed. Ijust have a slight question or query that I wonder if you would be able to helpme with or advise on, one of the jobs that I am carrying out is a consumer unitchange/ update the current one is an old model that never had RCD’s fitted.What I was wondering was that when I change it would it be best to add RCD anduse a split-load unit or would it be find just using MCB’s and a main 100Aswitch, if this would be ok to get the accreditation as it has never had onebefore.

The circuits that the house has are: up and down lights,sockets, cooker, and heater.

I am just checking as this will be my 1[SUP]st[/SUP] unitchange and work that I have carried out outside of the course, and want to getcorrect for the accreditation.

Also I wasn’t sure if a split-load board would be needed asthe wiring up in the house is done so that all sockets are on a circuit and up anddown lights on separate one.

Any help that you would be able to advise would be veryhelpful.

Kind Regards

Scott Wallington

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as a minimum you need to use a dual RCD board. if it's no more than 6 circuits, RCBOs mIght prove economical. however, if you didn't know this, then i'm not sure you are ready to take on a job of this nature yet..

Plonker 3

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The 17th edition of BS7671(2008) Amendment 1 2011 will give you the best information in regards to what type of DB you can use, although I imagine without seeing the job you will need a minimum of a split load dual RCD. When splitting the circuits you should seperate the lighting circuits onto either RCD. Cook and heater split then the sockets onto which ever has the smallest load on it.

What type of earthing arrangement does the house currently have?

Does the bonding need upgrading?
Do you know a local spark who can perhaps take you on a few jobs to gain experience because you are def not ready for an assessor to come round I've been doing it donkey years and still dread my annual visit thinking is that right have I missed something . You will get slaughtered on your assesment I'm not sure if you have completely grasped the regs asking these type of questions it has to be a 17th edition board and you have to check the main bonding , and what happens if you have a borrowed neutral insulation fault etc being a spark is being adaptable to problems we all learn something new everyday .if you type in your whereabouts ther might be someone on the forum who can give you some advice


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yes mate... ignore all the others on the site...!

100A main switch and MCB's is just fine...! dont worry about bonding as your just changing the CU...
if you instal an RCD you might have faults which will trip it out so dont bother unless it already had one.

good luck, i would suggest going with the NICEIC as they are the top dogs and will make your advert in papaer look better..! its only £450 ish to join them, the examiner will be more than happy with your Part P qualification.

good luck!


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Just another ****take thread I reckon.
As bad as they may be there is no electrical installation training course available in this country who doesn't hammer home the current requirements for RCD's.
Ignore really.

Jimmy Boy

Scott it would all be too easy to let rip..but I won't at the very least you are trying to do something positive with your life and not sponging off the state...Thats the good news, now the bad, ALL of the questions you are asking are one's you need to know answers to before you do this scope of work, and by know them, I mean know them and understand the underpinning foundation knowledge not just ask for the answers,given to you parrot fashion, I wish you luck stick your hand in your pocket and pay a sparks to come out on a few half days and get some experience under your belt, I wish you luck but you are hopelessly out of your depth.




I recommend that at a minimum you read the stickies here: Electrical Wiring, Theories and Electrical Regulations

There's a good one on CU changes and the others are worth a good read.

Either you had a crap training provider or you were asleep at the back of the classroom when covering the 17th edition and other basics on the course. I am, by no means, an electrical god however when I finished my course I knew the requirements for a CU change and other works.

Good luck, read the stickies and then ask questions if unsure. It's better to ask a stupid question here than charge in and put lives at risk.


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I think someone is sat back in their chair laughing at their computer screen at the moment lol
As I said elsewhere, if it is not a wind up.
Deskilling of our industry?
The prosecution rests your honour


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welcome to the forum you could end up a forum dinosaur just like the other oldies on here mentioning no names trev,tel lol
i admire your willing to do these works and get registered with a scam provider before you do these works have a good read up on the requirments of the consumer unit change and bonding requirments/ADS. this will put you in good stead for when you pull that fuse. (tin hat on)if you have done a course you know more than joe public who can go down to B&Q and purchase a consumer unit and play have a go hero. it may be a good idea to get a sparky round to check as you finish and show you how testing is done if your not sure.
also apparently the part p requirment is you show your competencey to a scam provider so you will have to show your technical knowledge of testing etc and safe isolation, (do you know how to do this?)
Good luck with it and keep us informed you will get some good advice on here just let them slate you first lol

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