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Happy to discuss history, but time for an Electrical appraisal and certification, in a two bed Holiday Let cottage, near Falmouth. The Cottage is almost 100 years old and I inherited a decent looking install with a twin RCD 10 mcb board. Nice plastic one directly under a wooden staircase, but a decent height and space to work on. There is no history of RCD tripping except when the toaster plays up.

Right now it is a clean sheet, one reason for posting is I am getting no replies to messages left via phone, email and Elecsa, find a contractor, and just want the job done. The longer it takes to find someone, the more time, in lockdown, I might have to identify circuits and match outlet points to MCB and do a schedule of circuits. Fully CV19 aware and you could have the place to yourself with digital key access.

Nothing wildly unusual, Socket circuits, lighting circuits, cooker, no electric shower, LPG gas central heating and solar hot water system. The gas and solar are relatively new.
EICR 2 Bed Holiday Let, twin RCD board by reputable electrician, minor additions, not so reputable. No existing certification, see post.
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Willing to do it, might take a week or two though, I quite fancy a fortnight in Cornwall lol!
You should see the amount of messages I get from the Isle of Wight for changing lights etc...I’m on the mainland in Portsmouth....I tell em I’m quite happy to pop over if they pay the £200 ferry fee 😂
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