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Hi, just popped over from the Plumbers Forum and would appreciate some advice. I'm preparing a bathroom quotation that includes wiring up 5 12v chrome downlights with supply taken from existing ceiling rose fitting.

I'm drilling and fitting the downlights into PVC ceiling cladding and supplying the transformers and bulbs, so the spark needs to wire and connect everything up.

How much approximately for wiring 5 downlights so I can get my quote posted. My usual spark is in Ibiza and this is getting urgent!
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If no bonding is needed, correct down lights I.e ip65 fire rated if needed etc
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Thanks guys, so I can quote say £100 just to be on the safe side?


i would never quote without seeing when it's unknown what's required. Oldtimer's in Edinburgh, maybe he can help out.


Completely agree tel this figure would only be if all things are satisfied inc rcd
Seems a bit cheap, would have thought more £30 a light, supply, fit and test. Thats assuming all other circuits in the bathroom have rcd protection and/or earthing is correct. Sparks do like to buy food now and again.


80 notes seems very cheap who knows what condition original cable is in, how it is wired, if it needs replacing cosmetic damage occured, as many houses don't have rcd's is one needed.
too many reasons to do the job and get nothing back.
get a quote off an electrician that can see the job himself is my advice.
would a plummer give a quote without knowing size of property etc?


I have a quote done today for 4 D/L.

New C/U was done last week.

Quoting for LED IP rated downlights, obviously you are paying for these so allow accordingly.....


You need to get a spark to look at it, if the circuit has no RCD, then one is fitted and it keeps tripping/doesnt pass testing, circuit needs rewiring then you are talking a few more pennies then £80 quid, that would be coming out of your pocket for not qouting correctly too remember!!!
If all is ok sticking 5 lights up (you supplied) it may be enough.

Amp David

Have installed ELV spots into a bathroom before, only for the ceiling to be redone in that PVC stuff at a later date. I have been back to do other stuff since and its started to melt already, in roughly 12 months.

Would never even contemplate fitting anything other than LEDs in that sort of cladding. Scrop the ELV idea and go for mains LEDs.

Also to the OP, is there main bonding? RCD to lighting? Electric shower installed?
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