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Evening All,

Im new on the board so firstly - Hello!

Right, i am trying to figure out what quals i need exactly to become a qualified electrician. So, had this course advisor come around my house last night to give me some info on how to go about it. He's from 'The Skills Centre' and this course they offer costs around 5-6 grand :eek:, so i want to make sure its right and i get all that i need from it - dont wanna do it then find i need more bloody qualifications!
The course takes 2 years and by the end it will give me the following quals to be fully qualified:

Essential Electrics CIBT Certified
Part P
17th edition - C&G 2382
Electric Portable Testing

does this look right?

ive been having a look at some other threads & it seems that you need the NVQ 3 in electrical installation (im assuming this could be completed 'on the job' after i have passed the above quals?) and C&G 2391 both of which aint included in the course.

Any advice would really be appreciated

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Hello mate, I have this very afternoon, seen an advert on the telly for these people. If they want to advertise on telly then it is going to cost them, this will be carried through to the cost of a course for trainees. My thoughts are, tread carefully. I am not an electrician by the way so I have no idea what training costs, but to fund t.v. advertising this course may well be over priced compared to other providers.


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ah, could explain why its on the pricey side then. cheers mate, thanks for that info.

any ideas on a reputable course provider?


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hi there

could'nt really comment on Essential Electrics CIBT Certified course...any more info?

the 2382 you can just sit the exam, a few colleges allow this and costs are around £50-£70 its not too hard and a thorough read of the regs etc should get you through

The PAT testing has no real relavence to being a domestic electrician (although is worth having)

the EAL part p course is around £750 (that i have seen) in other training places

so basically is the first course worth the other 5 or so grand to you?

after all that outlay (and it seems very steep) you wont be deemed a qualified electrican to many as you will have no practical experiance on site many employers would'nt employ you and if they did it would be as a trainee/mate/apprentice only

the normal route is get a job and they attend 2330 on day release (or evening I think) then after several years of on site training and the theory you will take in over the 3 or so years you will be a lot more prepared for a demanding industry


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could'nt really comment on Essential Electrics CIBT Certified course...any more info?
I believe this is a basic understanding of electrics...so i guess not worth 5 grand lol, any college will offer something like this in the evenings but its part of the course.

He did say that after the exams I will be signed up to an agency and be paired up with someone to gain more experience. this course just attracted me because he did say that i would be fully qualified and I dunno if i can afford to go onto an apprentice's wage, so its earn as you learn.

ok so i need experience, 2330,2391 and NVQ 3 to be fully qualified :confused: - im finding it really hard to figure out what quals i need to obtain to be classed as fully qualified! cheers


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to be classed as fully qualified you will need:

city guilds 2330 level 3
17th edition

approx £2500 over 3 years

or quick route
part p domestic trasher
I have decided that I don’t really want to be a Sparksafter 25years of hard work, First apprenticeship the collage, then experience (no body told me I would actually need to know what I was doing), then of course there is keeping current by attending courses and maintaining memberships ...Thats it I have had enough so what I would like is someone to tell me where I can get a quick course in Brain Surgery or Heart Surgery I fancy some of that and I hear the money is good. So do I just need to read a book or is there a collage offering a 5 day course I can do, it can’t be that hard can it?
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He has probably joined the many that we now find ourselves clearing up after on a daily basis. I really cant believe how devalued our trade has become.
When I was an apprentice it was hard work to get a start and become an electrician, now you sit in a classroom for 5days clip some cable on a board and BINGO your a Sparks.

I not jealous or envious and I'm not afraid of competition, butI am seriously worried, Skills courses and scheme providers are storing up big troubel for the future.

Have you really pulled a DNO fuse you rebel ...



Passage of time = experience. Spending thousands on something that will give you very little = stupidity.
2330 level 2 and level 3 (think its changed numbers...

Nvq level 3


17th edition

If you do it any other way than this companies will not want to know you. You'll never be graded properly.
Only domestic though I guess.. They would not get a sniff of commercial or industrial work would they surely? I hope not haha

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