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Steve D

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Hi All,

A colleague of mine needs to extend some cable on a ring final circuit as the line wire is not long enough to reach the new accessory. He also needs to spur off, so 3 wires. He intends to crimp 3 x 2.5mm wires into one end of a suitably sized butt crimp and then run 4mm from the crimp to the L in the socket.
I am very wary to agree to this as I'd have thought that 3 solid core wires in a single crimp end might not make a great connection and result in a hot spot.

What are your thoughts ?

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Well, I know what you are saying, but the very reason they make crimps, is for this scenario, as long as the crimp has been firmly made and taped over afterwards there is nothing wrong in it.


Not sure if I've understood the situation correctly. I personally would not crimp a short wire in with other wires. I would crimp an extending wire onto the short wire and then just connect the extending wire and the others into the terminal. That way if you need to disconnect or modify any of them you can.


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Im with the had8 lives....if any future testing is required..i.e. splitting of the ring conductors during faultfinding, then this All in one crimp connection would be a bit of a hinderance.
incidentaly if you do carry out the all in one crimp then you only need 2.5mm to the socket not 4mm...the ring load will be at the crimp .


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