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New to this forum and i've had a good look round to see if this question has been asked previously - apologies if it has, as i've been unable to locate! :)

My question is - can main equipotential bonding consist of 2 pieces of wire crimped together? I'm aware that if 2 services are connected by one wire to the earthing terminal, then it must be unbroken and a continuous length of wire at the "intermediate" earth clamp on the service pipe between the end earth clamp and the main earthing terminal, from what i've read - but i'm unsure if a crimped length of wire counts as a "break" in the wire in the same way that 2 lengths of wire connected to an intermediate earthing clamp does.

The situation I have got relating to this is an installation where the gas supply is about 8 metres from the main earthingh terminal, and is bonded to earth, however the water service which is only about 1.5 metres further on from the gas service is not bonded.

I know that i can't "loop" another piece of wire from the existing gas supply earth clamp to a new one on the water supply - but i was wondering if it would be acceptable to put a crimp in the 10mm equipotential bonding wire before it reaches the gas supply earth clamp, then continue a single length wire from this to connect both to the gas and water services? Basically to save having to run a whole new continuous length from the main earthing terminal to both gas & water services.

Also just out of interest, as it would be a similar situation, is it permissible to repair equipotential bonding with a break in it with a crimp, or would a new length need to be run?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this


I think you are allowed, but they prefer you to use a continuious length, as i know the crimp is a "sound connection", and it been unbroken is incase it gets disconnected at one of the middle points, therefore in my eyes i think a crimp is logical, anyone else to comment?


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Crimping is better than no bonding at all in my book.

Be better if you can solder tho.

The main reason that the bonding has to be looped if its going on to another service, is if one service gets disconnected from use, then the bond is still established on the other.


By my understanding, the reason for 1 length of main bond is that if one becomes disturbed( I mean if if one bond is disturbed not if ...) anyway I digress. If one bonding clamp becomes loosened or disconnected then the other will still be sound. If crimping is out of the question because of crimp size etc soldering is another option or another earthing block. If it's accesible for inspection then maybe the double screw terminals make it acceptable. I don't know for sure but it could be worth a bit of investigation.
Hullo there....

Regulation 526 deals with Electrical connections and as far as I can make out, what you are proposing, by crimping, is sound , and does not affect the integrity of the installation.So...on you go son....


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Thanks very much for all the helpful advice, I'm going to proceed with the 10mm uninsulated crimp!


Reply to Crimping Main Equipotential Bonding? in the Industrial Electrician Talk area at ElectriciansForums.net

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