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Hi guys i have my own electrical company. At the moment we are a bit quiet so i thought i would look at maybe spending a small amount of money on advertising. I find it quite convenient that i have been contacted by customer street saying they have lots of work in my area blah blah blah (sales spiel). This comes after me setting up accounts with various forums etc. What i would like to find out is whether any of my good humble electrcians have used this company and had any success. At the moment i am very wary. they are asking for £200 and £30 pm (a days wages:))

thx guys.

p.s any comments with regards to advertising my company would be greatly appreciated



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If they say there is that much work in your area why dont you just advertise rather than pay them to pass work on not only to you but to possibly 3 other sparks in your area.
You can advertise in a local rag or do the free line ad in or the same free line ad in thompson local
Get some flyers (I use glossy A5 sized ones printed both sides cost me £120 for 200 from Goodprint Ltd - Premium quality business cards and stationery delivered worldwide. first job off them was a small £2K partial rewire ) made up & walk the local area delivering them .
Or if you havent already get the van sign written (did mine for £107 from Vehicle Graphics, Tradeboards and Vinyl Lettering from TradeGraphics : Design and Order Online couldnt tell yyou how much this has bought in, but always get asked for a card when out & about working when the van is seen).
Do a small ad in the yellow pages ( I knocked them down in price to something like £200), but you will be inundated with other sales calls for a month or two.
Local village shops/post office notice boards are good (did this when I first started on my own & paid between 50p & £1.00 per week for pinning up one of my A5 size flyers) for the little old dears who want small jobs doing (normaly for cash).

In short personaly I dont trust these "we can pass you loads of work"
What they actualy pass on are just possible contacts & they aren't only passed to do I know......a family member has set up just the same sort of racket.


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thx for your help and time fox.


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i got my cards from goodprint and its a very good service.

i wouldn touch cold callers for business with a barge pole if people want work in your area then why havent they phoned you and why have they contacted this dodgy company.

i dont take alot to work out.


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I signed up to Customer Street after they told me I would be guaranteed 30+ jobs a month and that I would more than likely get more work than I could handle.

When something sounds too good to be true it normal is, as it was in this case.

Six weeks down the line and not a single phone call form a customer so I phoned up Customer Street who have put my name, residential address and mobile phone number on the Internet for the whole world to see without my permission and asked for my money back.

Three weeks later one of their sales reps tries to convince me to stay with them offering discounts etc etc. I say no thanks just give me a refund. After they try several more times to convince me to say on without success I get my money back.

The next day I get a call from Trading Standards. The say to me ‘have you ever had dealings with a company called ‘#’/’#@@ (I can’t remember what it was called)’ I say ‘no’, ‘ah you might know them as Customer Street’, ‘ah yes I did back I got my money back’.

The guy from Trading Standards said ‘Excellent that’s all we need to know’ and hung up.

Make of that what you will.....
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