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im a new spark starting out and looking to get a drill... any advice on which one...

any advice will be appreciated


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Hi well I'm just starting out as a electricians mate so new to te trade so I think a cordless as a sds I wouldn't make use off till I am much experienced. So for nw a corded and cordless combi?
Silverline 574483 560w SDS Plus Hammer Drill 560w

Not being funny all the apprentices I ever had, once they were coming out of their time I always use to take them round to the sheds and pick up the cheapest drill we could find on offer, often the sheds own brand.

Now with internet you can do it easier. The above is 40 quid looks half decent, when your starting out money is tight so if you get a year out it under decent use it will be worth it
To get you going a cheap 18v makita or dewalt. Screwfix always have an offer on for 18v. Think it's dewalt 18v li-ion for £130 this month. Surprisingly good wee drill too, and batteries charged in 30min.


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I was thinking the same too but people say try and get this make that make and the other so it's confusing. Even Aldi have a drill 14.4 volts for £20
Then Aldi it is ............................son if it lasts you 6 months at 20 notes it is not going to kill you if it then falls apart.


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For many years I bought the cheap brands and they did a reasonable job and I was happy. Eventually I was persuaded to buy a Festool saw and it opened my eyes to what I had been missing. While I will still buy some of the cheaper tools that I do not use every day I have been converted to buy the best you can afford school of thought. I use an 18V Li-Ion Makita drill (with hammer) it drills most of the holes I need. I have a SDS Makita 110V for the ones it won't. Have a look on the tool forum for what people think about the various brands. Buying the Aldi drill may be a good short term option to give you an idea of what is important to you so you can buy better in the future. It can also act as a 2nd drill in the future when you get something better.

D Skelton

I use one of these:


It's an absolute beast and will keep you going for years! It's bombproof too! I dropped mine out of a loft hatch and watched it bounce off the landing and down a further flight of stairs, I was almost crying but when I picked it back up, there wasn't a scratch on it and it worked fine, that was over a year ago now and it's still going strong as if it was brand new.

It's also got three gears which really helps with those chunky auger bits through joists, you have to be careful though because this thing is so powerful it will happily snap your wrist like a twig if you don't know what you're doing! I know that doesn't sound much like a selling point but it's just an example of how powerful this thing is!

Check out all the details here:


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Your right all of you thank you. Think I'll get the Aldi one first to build up some confidence. I hate the way the college course teaches u this. We worked on a plank of wood and did our ring mains and circuits on that. The outside world is nothing like a 10 by 10 plank. I was asked to change a switch and when I removed the switch the wires were the old Indian rubber ones and all the cement and cage was falling apart. They didn't bloody teach me this in Coll or my fantastic city and guilds level 3. It was a major knock to my confidence. What these courses need it people who actually work in trade to teach that way an accurate set of syllabus can be taught to the youngsters. If any of u need a helping hand ( make a cup of tea ) tool collection and of course 1st and 2nd fixes please consider me. I'm in Birmingham working a boring ****ty computer job and want to actually get out there and get my hands messy and come home feeling I have for a hard days work.


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I too have the 3 speed Makita 18v Li-Ion, an absolute animal of a drill, and use it for nearly everything you could imagine.......

Des 56

I can remember many years back dropping my brand new top of the range Stanley tape measure down a cavity, before I even had chance to use it
From then on,I decided it was less costly to me to drop a 20 pence one down the cavity

I bought a Bosch drill. at the time it was over 300 bucks,I ended up drilling through a concrete stairwell every day
After a while it gave up the ghost
I then bought a £30 black and decker specifically for that job,with the attitude that I can burn 10 of those out for one Bosch
They did the job proud,all 2 of them

Having the top range bestest,poshest and mostly, costliest tools in the land, doesn't guarentee economical use
Think low and often :yes:


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Through the years i've found Tools preference to be a personal thing in truth.

Start off with cheap stuff until you can work your way to more expensive tools your comfortable working with IMO.

Once you've found a Drill/Tool your comfortable with alls good.....always good to try out different brands from time to time though as there's always something better/more comfortable to handle out there.

Used to be a Dwalt Drone...everything cordless was Dwalt until the quality dived afew years back and now got a mixture of tools.


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I'v still got a 'cheap as' (£69.99) Makita 14.4v that has been used daily for the last 4 years and it still as good as when I bought it. It copes with drilling upto 25mm holesaws and is great if your working with any sort of containment systems. When it eventually does die I persoanlly won't hesitate to order another.
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