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Hi all,

A quick question out of interest really,

When testing after alteration or addition, if you come up with a departure from the regs do you put it right or just note it in the box.

I might be my own worst enemy here cos if I find any I can't bear to leave until it's put right.
Thing is I also don't like charging any extra cos I feel a customer would just think your a cowboy upping the charge.
So I'm putting problems right for free - not good!

That said, it was before I got 2391 so I'm testing before touching now....

An example, two 1.5 T&E cables passing through, but not connected to, a flush knockout box light switch.

Also, 3 x 10mm bonding at MET but only 2 of the 3 that can be seen and tested (Gas & Water main).
The 3rd is connected to pipework somewhere but no undestructive way of finding out.
Whats the solution?

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Well if the cables passing through the switch box are from the same circuit, - No problems.

With the bonding, work out what services you have and if theyre bonded if theres extra earths left it doesn't matter, I always leave any old/unknown bonding cables connected, they can't hurt and this certainly isn't even worth mentioning on a test.

You are responsible for what the customer asks you to do, within reason,


You are there to do a job and get paid.

Note them down, make client aware that they don't conform to current regs (not a massively bad thing)

then get paid.


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minor faults, you can fix at no extra cost, but if you get something that's going totake hours, you need to charge accordingly. i always quote with the proviso that any unforseen faults will incur extra costs.

SirKit Breaker

Stu has hit the nail on the head really. It is a non conformance, not a departure. A departure is when you have done something which is not covered in the regs, but is at least as adequate as the requirements. The only example that i can think of is, using a Wago connector prior to it having a BSEN number, instead of connector block which already had one. So you have complied to the regs regarding your connections, but have used a new product which maybe still too new to be included in the regs, hence you have made a departure.



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Departures ONLY relate to the work YOU are doing covered by your EIC, so if you are putting the cables into the the 2x1.5 T&E cables in the box, then your EIC covers this work and perhaps it is a non-compliance, if this is existing then how can your EIC cover it as it was there before you got there, thus you did not install it, thus how can it be covered by an EIC that is related to the work that YOU installed...

SirKit Breaker


I wish my local garage had your attitude. If they had, then they would have changed my brake pads for nowt when it went in for its MOT. The tight gets charged me £45 to replace them. Man who works for nowt, and woman who @@@@s for nowt will always be busy.


SirKit Breaker


Sorry to hijack the thread, but bollox to departures from BS7671, i am more interested in departures from Leeds/Bradford airport on Saturday. I will leave you all the rain, off to sunnier climes for a day or 5, on the big metal bird to Malaga.


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