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yes I have TRIED to use them but have encountered major problems. They will only dim with certain makes of dimmer and inthe application we had which was a grid array, which we hadto use due to other switching etc., they would only dim after being on full power for 20mins. This info came from Megaman themselves. If you use a conventional dimmer, as stated on the box then if the loading is resonably low you'll get a really good 1980's disco effect bordering on strobing !!.
In the case we have Megaman supplied the lamps to the mnufacturer of the fittings and are having to send a consultant to site to sort out the problem.

So in the one instance we've used them we've had lots of problems.


Adam W

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Thanks for the reply; I've asked a few other sparks and they have said similar things. I was aware that you have to be careful matching the dimmer's VA rating and I was also planning to use a grid dimmer, but I didn't know about the need for a 20 minute warmup, which makes them sound quite inconvenient.

It sounds like they're a nice idea but need a bit of product development before halogen GU10s can be banned, but I doubt the government will listen to reason.


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This type of CFL is still fairly new and there have been many issues with regard to flickering.

At the moment i would try and steer clear of the dimmables unless its been specified in the design.


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I dont know if you have look at aurora they have some nice stuff ? I know they have dimmers, downlighters and LED but you would have to have a look to see what they have. Stocked at a lot of wholesalers.

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Aurora are a good quality fitting, however, its the lamps that give the problems at the mo.

I just been to see a kitchen refit a sparky mate of mine has just finished and he had installed dimmables.

Dreadful is the polite word i think i will use!

Out of about 15, 3 flickered and flashed and went off and came on.

Im not going to recommend any of these until they have sorted this issue, and i cant see that being anytime soon.
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