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Not much of a discussion thread, just me letting off abit of steam. Because the amount of houses I go to, are dirty, smelly and messy, with kids running around. I really don't know how people live like they do. I'm suprised I dont get ill from going in to those places. Is everyone the same? or are u lucky n get to go in decent houses, where they've seen a vaccum cleaner, hot water n soap!! bahhh! Dog **** and **** all over the carpets, last weeks tea still on the side, bedrooms stinking that much u start to vomit.
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When I was on the tools for BT I went into some real sh1tty places over Kings Cross and Camden way. We also covered Hampstead and Primrose Hill areas so I also got to go into some really nice places - ah, those were the days, BT engineers to the rich and famous :)


Its not just houses either Luke, I went to do a job in a Dentist Practice (sockets for reception area) and when I moved some stationary boxes under the reception where the sockets were going to be fixed a huge nest of silverfish ran out all over the reception floor :mad:

Needed the work at the time so got on with it....I should have charge them extra though!


Oh the joys of being a domestic spark !
its not just me then, I stopped drinking anything from customers at all after accepting drinks then seeing the kitchen!!!!!!!! so now i dont risk it,
in fact one job was to install spotlights to the living room, the house was so bad (do you watch the life of grime on telly) that when i got upstairs i couldnt bring myself to lift the bedroom carpets, refused to do the job held breath and left.
how do they live like that in this day and age, dirty b##t##ds


Student digs refurbs are the best.:D


Ha,Ive been to some scum holes. It got so close to me wearing a full dna suit to protect myself from the filth.
1.I've had fleas attack me whilst changing a socket.
2.I've lent on a bed to get to socket only to find my trousers become wet from **** on the bed
3.Whilst changing a switch, a VICIOUS aggresive dog cornered me then ****ed over me and the door frame. The owner with orange string around his waist pulled out a can of air fresherner and sprayed it over me saying,"Don't worry,that will sort it out".
4.Had a woman with rotten teeth that made me gag from the vile rancid breath. (that one lingered for a long time)
5.Saw multiple y fronts on the floor with FLAT number two's in them. His bed sheets were brown, his pillow was crawling in hair grease. We had to report him to the council and clearly he need help looking after himself.
6. One house had so much dust,It looked like it had snowed. I darnt open the window in fear of a blizzard.
7 A house with newspaper so high,stacked up it looked like manhatten, New York.

These are a few that stick in my mind, Jeez i've really been to some **** holes and find it amazing that people choose to be like this.

I concluded if the sink is brown from scum then do not accept a cup of tea from them
My old man said you had been around..........sorry about the dog!

Ross Trician


all the coments have made me smile, I have only had one ****y job and after that decided I didnt want any of it again, working in **** conditions, filth, scum and stinking when you leave....DANGER money thats what you need to add to the bill....


used to ! check out my thread cure for smelly houses.
works every time.:)

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