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I have a CCTV system covering my property which has a little PVR box for recording. This works great but I am concerned that if I was burgled, they would probably steal the recorder box too.

So I have lifted the carpet in one corner of the room, removed a section of 2 floor boards, screwed them to a piece of MDF to hold them together, and then mounted the PVR on the MDF. So When I drop the floorboards back into place, the PVR is hidden under the floor with the carpet on top.

My concern now is that it is powered from a wall socket in the room, so if my house was ransacked it would probably get unplugged. So I would like to install a socket under the floor.

It should be fairly straightforward DIY job as the ring main is right where I need it but is there anything else I need to be aware of when fitting a socket under the floor?

Is it OK to mount the backbox to a floor joist?

Should I use one of the outdoor type sockets you have in garages and sheds with a built in breaker?

Advice appreciated.
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