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DIY Looking for DIY Advice on ElectriciansForums.net - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there.

I know this is a touchy subject. We also run PlumbersForums.net, and that has Gas and Oil Engineers on, and that's clearly not just a regulated industry, but it has Health and Safety Executive-enforced laws around their legislation too, not just regulations and certification rules.

Now, a DIYer will search the internet for DIY advice. By the time they've bought their shower, or whatever it is they want to install, they have long decided they are installing it.

Some things the industry needs to do to stop DIY installers perhaps include:-
  • Stop selling things over a certain rating to DIY
  • Not let DIY buy gas plumbing parts, or powerful power showers online
  • That sort of jazz
  • Legislate the industry better - Not let building control sign off jobs over the phone, or with a visit, just by flicking it on, checking a RCD didn't trip, and going back to his 9-5 on 18,000 a year, if that.
But they do, and can, and will.

It's not the job of the forum to stop them. And you putting them off once they have already posted a thread is then starting to annoy me. And the whole reason we are here is to help. Not just you and your mates, the whole different groups of people the forum is used for.

And the 5,000 next members who haven't even signed up yet. It's as much theirs as it is yours.

I'd rather help them get the advice they need, and have a good reputation as a forum when doing so, and then perhaps when they next fit a shower, they realise how hard it was on the last one, and perhaps could have got a professional domestic electrician in - and then post the job to the forum, because we're a nice bunch of people and have helped them out.

A recent guy was fitting a shower. He needs a shower. He needs to be clean. It's a basic right.

If the guy was asking how to wire in his three story car garage lift in his barn conversion, I'd have taken a different view perhaps.

But the UK is being squeezed. There are less home owners (we're all not lucky enough to have had electrical training after the war lol) and more renters these days and it's not going to improve any time soon. We need to be here for the homeowner as much as we need to be here for the professional qualified.

Going around liking each others posts when you're sitting giggling after putting somebody down is borderline sick. As in sick in the head. You need get lives or something.

Anyway - We will keep the DIY forum, and we will allow DIYers to come on here to get advice. It's then up to them whether they get an electrician in to sign it off, building control, or nobody at all. It's even up to them if they want to electrocute themselves. Not our problem.

But don't fall out with them, don't try to get one over on them, and don't start to explain to a person who's been self employed longer than you have, what goes into running a business pmsl. You're barking up the wrong tree sunshine. ;)


Let me know, and I'll apply the addition to your account so you can help out in the DIY area. I will be creating some posts with regards to how to legally sign off work, and which work does need signing off. And should somebody get a bit above themselves, we'll heavily link to the new directory from there - and also offer them all to post the job to the forum too.

Perhaps some will use a sparky off here, and that'd be nice. :)

But the same rule still applies to all threads on all our forums.


And never ever try to Troll Dan. He's seen it all before. You will be banned for it.
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You wont fix the DIY problem by telling them they need an MCB and asking them what they're going to test it with, eh. :D :D

Had me in stitches that one did lmao.

Can imagine some of the pickets outside parliament now.

"He installed his shower, turn off his power!!" "£500 a day, is a sparkys wage to stay!"

:D :D

Need realise how good you've got it some of you lot lol A DIYer doing his shower wont upset your villa in spain mate. ;)
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Just bumping this UP.

PM me if you're interested in helping out DIY and I'll make a note and see who have have as options down the line next week or so.
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